Yes yes yes! Slatepacks are working like a charm!

How can one deposit Grin to TradeOgre without an address ? (using Grin++)


nice that TradeOgre have slatepack message

you dont need address you can deposit without it your grin++ will generate slatepack message and you copy it to TO and then TO will generate message that you finalize in Grin++ and done

the difference is that if you use the Grin address so no one can accept other than the user of the address

So how do you generate a slatepack message ? Do you mean file ?

tx file works flawlessly :neutral_face:

no file ,i dont use grin++ you can try ironbelly and on sending click on manual

Isn’t ironbelly mobile only ? are you really copy-pasting your message to your pc without a specific address ?
much secured :expressionless:
Isn’t that similar to sending your private key ?

yes ironbelly is mobil wallet ,no you can send without addres and then you need finalize it ,you can also do this on cli wallet

Ok, before you finalize it, what if another 3rd party got that message ?

without finalization they can do nothing

But you do finalize it, because you don’t know a 3rd party got that message lol

but you finalize message that give you 3rd party

it would definitely be better if TO used the Grin address but I don’t know how difficult it would be for them

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Meanwhile, I successfully managed to finalize the transaction in my wallet.

But that test account still can’t send any coins, so it’s now " Sending (Unconfirmed)"

if you are sending somewhere, must be confirmed by blockchain and I think after 10 confirmations you can make other transactions and if you have made a transaction and no one accepts it or it was wrong then you need to cancel it

The funds are marked as “Spendable” , yet that “test” account on Grin++ is unable to send any coins.

@Samurai Come to if you need support with Grin++.

Mystery solved thanks to David :slight_smile:
I will stop whining for now.