It is time for Grin users to URGE exchanges for slatepacks!

if you are trading,holding,selling,mining or buying Grin, you made support tickets to exchanges…

Now we should pressure them for adopting slatepacks and show thm we unite as community.

We will flock into first exchange who adopts slatepacks first…

We should demand it to exchanges,not devs… Use all socia media,support ticket and telegram channels especially for Grin slatepacks… And other people will get curious and informed about Grin as well.

Dont be lazy.Take care.


i think we should focus on one exchange and be sure to have at least one supporting slatepack in january.


ELI5 Slatepack first?

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Without going into too much detail:

Up until now we created transactions with other users by communicating via http(s) or transferring files.
Slatepack is a new standard which introduces two new methods:

  • Tor - Just like you could ‘insantly’ receive/send grins with https because the transaction info was transferred automatically back and forth between the sender and receiver wallets, then you can do the same with Tor. Each wallet has a Tor address to which grins can be “sent”, as long as the wallet is listening. Tor is much better than http both because of the added privacy and the fact that you dont have to open an external http port (3415) like you usually had to. Hence receiving becomes much simpler.
  • Slatepack Messages - Usually called just Slatepacks, are text messages containing the tx information required to complete the transactions. The two users can copy-paste the text and send to each other via chat, mail or w/e and thus complete the transaction.

Included is an encryption standard such that any tx information being transferred by text messages or through Tor is encrypted only for the receiver to decrypt.

You can read a slightly more thorough overview here.

Let me know if you have any questions.


So I just tried to send myself(sending and receiving with the same wallet) some grin in Grin++ using the “grin1…” address , it gave me the slatepack message, I pasted it in the slatepack area but the “Receive” or “Finalize” buttons don’t do anything, and the transaction is " Sending (Not Finalized) " .
What did I do wrong ? How do I finalize it ?

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Might be important to mention that it also defaults to payment proofs so the sender can prove the delivery of funds to the recipient.

I’m pretty sure that sending to yourself like that isn’t supported. You can create a new account in Grin++ and do the same thing between the two accounts, that’ll work.

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That doesn’t work.
Not with http, not with grin address.
“wallet not reachable”
What am I missing ?

Because while you’re trying to send on wallet_2, your original wallet (account) is not listening since it isn’t open.

You need to do that by copy-pasting the slatepack messages.

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They were both open.
Actually now it worked, I guess it’s luck. probably need to enter-exit the account a few times until both addresses are “green”.

how do I produce that slatepack message anyway?

See the quick guide here for Grin++.


So I did the slackpack send-receive with my two accounts, everything seems ok, except that the transaction does not confirm.

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My transaction using the slatepack is “confirming” for 6 days now.

How do you expect an exchange to maintain a Grin wallet if a simple account to account transfer is not working ?