Slatepacks Market (relaunch)

Hello GRIN community. I’ve had to re-launch because of issues with my VPS provider – I hope you all join the marketplace again and contribute and sell whatever you’d like. I’ve set up a solution for an off-forum marketplace using FOSS here:

From the site:

The Slatepacks market is designed to expand the GRIN economy and build a social network of trust within the GRIN community in which users can buy and sell items and services in exchange for GRIN or exchange GRIN for bitcoin / altcoins.

With few options to exchange GRIN and Knockturn Allee no longer updating, my small team believes that providing GRIN users a community market to exchange GRIN is a key component for moving GRIN’s success forward, no matter how low-tech this solution may seem.

I know many people are working on solutions for use-cases of GRIN and I hope those projects are a success. I sincerely believe (and hope) that new projects will fill this spot for GRIN and that we’ll eventually see a truly fast and efficient p2p e2ee exchange and market.

The rest of the introduction can be found here: and I’m currently setting up a matrix synapse server for a safe environment to conduct trades on.

I’m inviting all members of the GRIN community to the Slatepacks Market – who are not just holding the coin but also want to participate in a GRIN economy and use GRIN for it’s intended purpose: as digital cash. Senior and trusted GRIN members are invited to become an escrow service for the health of GRIN.

Slatepacks does not require an email to join and eventually will have a hidden service (onion link) for the market. DMs are currently as secure as email (not very secure) and it’s absolutely 100% recommended to always use a secure communications service and an escrow service to conduct transactions. Users are responsible for what they post on that site.

Here are some of my offerings:

[Selling] GRIN Merchandise (Free Shipping)
[OPEN] Website Hosting for GRIN. Fast, Reliable, Affordable.
[FREE] [OPEN] - 0.1 GRIN for market members

Hope you all enjoy the happy relaunch of – while I have you, I’d like to get any community donations possible to keep this ship afloat for another 6 months (I believe a lot of achievable with GRIN in 6 months so at that point we should review it to see if it has become obsolete) we just need 136ツ to keep the server running for another 6 months.

Edit: Thanks to 1 donation so far, we only need 106GRIN to run the server for another 6 months donation grin address: grin1cq636ment795xn68knzu0ewp73f3zdlgv6dsqv8x7vf2v0j4ek5sk6nmk3


Hi, great, I will participate in the funding :slight_smile: let’s say 50 GRIN, I DM you on tg

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I added as link out to:
GitHub - grincc/tools: GRIN scripts and tools

We should make finding easier.
Just a though, maybe at some point we should integrate it in the forum al together, or at least provide a direct link to it.


Absolutely, I’d support that 100%.

Currently ‘Slatepacks Market’ is protected by a legal entity based in the USA, which is the only reason why I thought an offsite solution would be better. I believe GRIN should be used everywhere, including the forum. If it’s possible to sell things on the forum I support that as well :slight_smile:


Amazing to see it back, i already added two products. check this out
Handmande Peanut Butter and GRUESLI


Any update on the hosting costs?
The Grin Community decided to sponsor slatepacks Market using the Community Council funds and donated 50 ツ, which you received by now/. Also some community members communicated they intended to donate.

Next time the Community Council might be able to help with the fundraising of Sltatepack Market and fundraising activities in general by giving the fundraising some more publicity.


Thanks to this and previous donations, you’ve all covered costs for 12 months!

Hope to see everyone there, selling anything you want for GRIN. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see / add (other than the long awaited onion / tor support).

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