2 Grin++ wallets showing same address

Anyone know why two different Grin++ wallets are showing the same address? This is in the address part in the transactions.

I use Tradeogre to send, but it uses slatepacks. In the address section on Tradeogre it just says slate. So, I don’t think it has anything to do with sending, I might be wrong.

It also now confirms in 3, before it was 10 or 12 if I remember correctly.

Because the grin tor address is basically a wrapped public key and as such derived from your wallet seed. If you use the same seed, the address will always be the same. If you like a new address (for example for better privacy), Grin++ has a generate new adress button.
If you want to understand how the new address generation works, see this post:

These are two different wallets, with two different seeds. Activate date, wallet amounts, all are different.

Which is the reason I find it surprising to see the same address. I have only seen this address since I updated to the latest version of grinn++.

@davidtavarez Do you have any idea what might cause this? It should not happen, so either you made a mistake and use the same seed twice, or there is some strange bug in that version of Grin++. Which version is it, are you sure you downloaded it from a safe source?

Not the same seed. I got the update from the wallet. The original download was from the grin++ site. I’ve used it for years. But the latest version, I got from grin++. When I fired it up a notice came up saying there was a new version. I don’t normally update, but…

On the left top of the wallet, what number (version number) does it show?

The only way for that to happen is to use the same master seed twice, as you just pointed out. Look here WalletImpl.cpp

@Skyr if you use the same seed you will have the same address. Maybe you had a manual backup of the wallet and it was rename it.

If you are completely sure, open both wallets and click on Export seed, both seeds should be the same, if not, please join Telegram: Contact @GrinPP and we can debug that.

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Its version V1.2.8. Just typing for character count…

Just opened both wallets, clicked export seed, checked first and last of both seeds, and they are different.

Restore both seeds using two different usernames, do they have the same address?

Just so there is no confusion, when I say address, I’m talking about an address that shows up in the transaction section. If I click on All, and go down to the address section next to the amount and before the date. I’m not talking about the address at the top of the screen.

The address of all incoming transactions are always the same, or the address of TO incoming transactions are always the same?

I restored 1 and the address disappeared.

The address in the transaction section of just these two transactions have been the same. They are the only transactions I have made since updating.

When did this update happen? There hasn’t been a new release in weeks for mobile. Months for desktop. I wonder if you got tricked into downloading a malicious update

You mean the address shown in the transaction overview part? Since you interacting there only with TO, the address will always be the same, showing the TO address. So this is not a bug or something, it just means that a wallet you interact with always has the same slate-pack address, just like your own wallet (the address shown at the top of the wallet) which is always the same unless you click generate new address. Probably you are used to conventional crypto wallets which have on-chain addresses and generate new ones for each transaction. The addresses in Grin are not on-chain but are slatepack-address/tor-address which are used for interaction between wallets.

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Updated about 6-8 weeks. No one tricked me because I only use this laptop for Grin. The update was from the wallet itself. When I fired it up, it said there is a new version, would you like to update.

I don’t think I have ever seen an address before. Which is why I came here to ask. The address is in the transaction section.

In the other persons post about his funds, the address section is empty which is the way it’s always been, until the update.

I have been using the grin wallet for a few years now, so it’s nothing to do with me being used to other wallets.

if you join Telegram: Contact @GrinPP you will get support

I don’t use telegram. Anyway, i’ve downloaded an older version of Grin++ just in case there is something wrong with the newest version.

I spoke to Tradeogre and asked them what the address is about, they said they thought grin did not have any adresses, so they don’t know anything about it.

Here is a photo of the address:

Deleted photo just in case.