2 Grin++ wallets showing same address

that’s not a cryptocurrency address (like tradeogre said, grin doesn’t need them so they don’t exist), that’s a string which contains TOR pubkey (so if you give me that string i will know how to reach your wallet if it has tor listener opened). I think “address” is a confusing name because of how it’s used in other cryptocurrencies, i suspect that in the future this might be named differently (it’s basically data containing info of how to reach the other person, for now it only has TOR info). If you don’t use TOR then you currently should not care about this address since you can use copy/paste slatepack message method without it.


When you say reach, can I get hacked with that address, or is it just to receive?

My main concern was, why was I seeing the same “address” in two different grin wallets. So, since it’s a Tor address, I’m guessing all the wallets from the same computer will use the same one.

Anyway, thanks for the answer to tje address question.

you shouldn’t be able to get hacked, currently (if the code works correctly) someone can just send you free grin over this address. TOR pubkey is derived from the seed word, so two different grin wallets should probably have a different TOR pubkey (so different address). At least that’s my understanding.

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The wallets had the same address which is what caught my eye. They are definitely two different grin wallets, opened about a year or so apart, different grin amounts, different deposits.

I deleted the photo just in case.

Hang on a min, if someone can send me some grins, and both grin wallets used the same tor address, which wallet will it go to? I’m guessing the one that’s open at the time? What if two people are just using the same laptop.

it’s not per-laptop, it should be per grin seed. The address should never be the same except when two wallets use the same grin seed. If they are then it’s likely a bug somewhere. Did you ever try to create new address? I can’t really help you since i don’t know how g++ works, so best is to join telegram that tavarez mentioned and try asking there for help.

The adresses at the top are different. Bitforex only used adresses to send your grins, i just checked, and the address there is the same as the adresse at the top of one of the wallets.

I haven’t tried to create a new adresses, I only upgraded to the new version a month or so ago, and I’ve now gone back to an older version.

I don’t know where or what the other address is for. I’ve given all the information I have. I’m not going to sign up for a Russian site, especially since U.S. trucks were used to attack a Russian city the other day.

This is the slatepack-adress/Tor-adress of the wallet you are interacting with, not the adress of your own wallet. The Tor adress of your own wallet is not shown in the transaction section,… well unless you send to yourself that is :wink:, see example below.

Let’s say you have two wallets you own and you would send from wallet 1 to wallet 2, then you would see the skatepark adress/tor-adress of the other wallet in your transaction section.

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This would make sense as I was sending from the same Tradeogre account. Someone should of just said this from the start. :rofl:. Thanks anyway.

Here is a pic:

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