Grin Offline at HitBTC

I own Grin on HitBTC but they have informed me that as a US citizen, I need to move my cryptos off HitBTC. However, they show Grin as being “offline.” I don’t know what that means. I would like to move it to my Trezor-T wallet, but it does not appear to be supported by Trezor. Anyone have ideas for a non-techie person? lists GRIN as “offline” and defines this state as:
" Online/Offline for Trading indicates availability of making orders in the system."
So i guess you just cant trade grin anymore on this exchange. However you should be able to withdraw it to a GRIN-Wallet.
Currently there are 3 or 4 GRIN-Wallets that you could consider to use:

  1. Official Grin-Wallet (which is not ideal for a “non-techie” person) → Grin
  2. Grin++ → Releases · GrinPlusPlus/GrinPlusPlus · GitHub
  3. Niffler → Releases · grinfans/Niffler · GitHub
    (4. Wallet713) be aware, the last version is quite old, i don’t know if the project is abandoned → Releases · vault713/wallet713 · GitHub

First, thank you for your helpful response! I just checked HitBTC and it showed Grin as being “offline” for withdrawals. HitBTC has not responded to my 3 emailed requests to their support address for help about how I would be able to withdraw except to state that they will notify me when Grin is no longer “offline,” which I interpreted to mean that HitBTC could not solve the problem. That is why I contacted this forum for ideas. Since I can’t withdraw Grin to a Grin wallet, it seems like my only option is to leave it on HitBTC, which doesn’t feel comfortable.