Grin Has Failed Bye

Grin is failed project, I’ve just completed selling all of my grin :frowning:

My bag is fucking empty, I can’t take it anymore. Grin will never see 10 billion dollars in daily trading volume by 2025 :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:.

That’s the only way this project stands chance at survival.

Grin is failed experiment!! No one will ever use it. It’s so stupid just buy Bitcoin now.

Don’t be an idiot, abandon this project now!


Its kind of you to create an account to just tell us that, thank you dear stranger!


You underestimate the amount of free time that people have.

I would wager that everyone here already owns bitcoin.

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I don’t own Bitcoin, i think its a shit project. 7 transactions per second, all visible to the public, its hard to imagine something worse. Same goes for Ethereum for different reasons.


meh, I follow Lightning development closely. I support Grin because I believe in the idea. I don’t really care how the idea is achieved. I would cheer on any project that seems to make steps towards it.


You had bags? You were doing it wrong…

I don’t think you understand the experiment. This never was and never will be a get rich quick scheme. Grin may succeed without making people wildly rich.

Even if you’re right, who cares? Grin doesn’t need exchanges, day traders, or any form of gamblers to be successful. Grin just needs to be usable as a cash system, available to refugees of the old-world fiat systems.

You first

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I predict that 10 years from now, people will still be posting here how Grin has failed.

That may be one sign of long term success:-)


Explain why grin is a failed project…
If you are a short term investor and expect to become a millionaire in a year… Sorry to tell you, you failed, not grin :upside_down_face:


I’m 100% certain we aren’t seeing that volume

Explain why grin is a failed project…
If you are a short term investor and expect to become a millionaire in a year… Sorry to tell you, you failed, not grin :upside_down_face:

Just sell grin where going to zero !

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Would love to see a grin haters hall of fame for just this reason

Grin can only ever achieve 10 transaction per second. In the grand scheme of things, this is unscalable. This can not be fixed or changed. If gr,in can not scale at the transactional level, people will never use it as currency or store of value standard

Using Mimblewimble protocol, the size of the blockchain remains small which makes it easy for anyone to run a full node to support or mine the network. Transaction size is small as well.

Interactive transactions don’t really make it easy for the average joe to adopt the cryptocurrency grin. Without normal users adopting the currency it will simply die out. The slatepack transactions don’t scale to mass adoption & it is just too difficult to learn.

You are a new member @AESOP. grin docs and grin forum will give you the answers.

Grin currently on a good day has maybe 100 nodes online. This currency was ever going to scale to wide adoption. It would need Millions of nodes online, simultaneously, which is not achievable. Grin’s privacy is built on a mesh network, and it requires people to use the cryptocurrency to have true privacy. It’s been 1333 days and only 100 nodes online.

Online nodes are much more. You probably talking about public nodes.

Markets will have a hard time at listing privacy coins. Most exchanges won’t list any of them for the honest fact they can’t. Indeed, if privacy coins get filed onto exchanges, it won’t be grin for the pure fact it’s just too private. It will be last to be registered if they really chose to list privacy coins.

Coinswap design… Read Mimblewimble CoinSwap proposal


Nothing more amusing than a guy telling you a project is dead on a forum and specifically telling us to buy BTC. Take it in this analogy, did you ever bother to go to a graveyard to tell the buried they are dead? You taking the effort to create an account to tell us this shows that this project is very much alive. Just be honest, which of the following is your motivation:

A) Shorting Grin/BTC pair, “please sell, I am going bankrupt since Grin outperforms BTC at the moment”
B) “I want to hord up on Grin, please sell it to me at a discount.”
C) “I was hired to create FUD, please buy into statements without arguments so I do not get fired”

But hey, thanks for taking the effort to create an account and amuse us all. You are welcome to participate in the next Grin is dead meme contest. You can win some free Grinnies if your are entertaining enough :wink:


You might think its a failed project, but I can tell you this, the guy on Tradeoger over the last 2-3 weeks who has been spending 1-2 BTC a day and pushing up the price does not think so. I wish he also thought it was a failed project, the guy is costing me 1000s of Grins as he keeps pushing the dam price up! Maybe you can talk to him! :joy::joy::joy:

Oh, I hope you dumped on Tradeoger. :grimacing:

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By 2025 grin will be trading below 500$ coin.

Dude I’m trying to give you lifeline !!

Sell this shit now it’s going lower!!! Idiot

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So if Grin will trade below 500$ by 2025, why would I sell… That would be massive gains. I highly doubt Grin will go up that much FYI. If I had any fiat left I would buy more Grin and more BTC right now, unfortunately I already spend all I have shopping crypto this dip.

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I am so sad. I wish you send me your grins in 0 price. BTW I remember you from telegram… Always talking like that. You are my new meme…

Why BTC? Grin was built as Bitcoin 2.0. Most things they are trying to do on BTC, is done, being done on Grin. Its like buying a 2009 Iphone when you can have the latest model.


Just buy Bitcoin.

Grin doesn’t have robust ecosystem.
Never will.

Bitcoin will be trading above 20,000$ coin by 2025

Grin needs 5-10Billion daily trading volume in US dollars by 2025 it won’t ever receive that!

It’s DOA

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