Grin Has Failed Bye


  • Hell low and buy buy AESOP
  • grin blockchain must be a little bit smaller now. Philosopher raptor: Is it good or bad?
  • in the year 2525 if grin is still alive … In the year 8510 … Or tear it down and start again - Whoa-oh-oh

Perhaps you should work on your reading comprehension, it’s literally the third sentence on the website:

Designed for the decades to come, not just for tomorrow.


You reminded me of this video. :joy::joy::joy:



I was even thinking of opening a meme contest, but no need, I had some good laughs :joy:.
Trolls and FUD are really the best material for memes, on which note, I miss you my dear grinboss, you are and will always be our inspirational leader :face_holding_back_tears:.


You guys are some complete idiots.

Grin is goner!!

This coin will trade below 500$ coin by 2025 :joy::joy::joy:

I wouldn’t buy all the grin even if you offered it too me for 600$ dollars.

If you have such a low opinion of us, why are you here trying to convince us to sell grin… Especially given that most of us probably don’t have bags of grin to sell… because everybody knows grin is not a bagholding coin

It seems like you’re just FUDding to buy Grin, shilling your favorite big yellow coin, or butthurt that youmissed out on any recent price action, lol

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How did you find out? Might be useful information if it is true. How can I verify it?


I’ve heard rumors swirling around grin going to fail. By 2025 we won’t achieve 10$ billion daily trading volume.

Enjoy the show :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

So everyone’s aware, this is the same troll that was spamming telegram rooms with nonsense ad nauseam. The working suspicion is that he’s part of the Epic Trash coin gang and trying to drive down morale and or induce selling for his own gain.


@AESOP I enjoyed the show. I will keep your posts for entertainment reasons since they led to some nice memes.
However, additional trolling will lead to a ban. You have been warned.