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I registered on the forum on January 25, 2019.

Since that day, I have read many good and not-so-good things.

Grin is one of the simplest and most legitimate cryptocurrencies I know. What it lacks are the tools to utilize it.

Wallet It took until 2024 (thanks to @ardocrat) to finally have a complete and finished wallet with all the options one could dream of. Was there an official post on the Grin forum to highlight it? It seems to me there wasn’t. I sincerely hope the Council gave some sats (from the 50 BTC offered by “Satoshi?”) to @ardocrat for his excellent work?

Grin Node Ok, I am not an engineer, but since 2016, I have installed several nodes and masternodes with varying degrees of difficulty, but in the end, almost all of them worked. For the Grin node setup, I flashed my SD card at least 25 times, and each time there was a problem or an error. As a result, I abandoned the method and will install Android on an RPI and use @ardocrat’s application.

I understand that the Council does not want to advertise for Grin, but at least give us finished and functional tools, please.

Bitcoin had the luck of being the first. If it were born today, drowned in over 10,000 cryptocurrencies, it’s really not sure if it would have the same success.

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Running software with heavy r/w cycles like a node off of an SD card is gonna eat any non-industrial SD card very quickly. You’d be better served by just buying a $15 Walmart smartphone to use as a wallet with Grim.

Or since you have the rpi download the tar.gz archive from the github releases page to raspbian and enter 2 commands on the CLI from your home directory:

tar xf grin-v5.3.2-linux-x86_64.tar.gz


(optionally you can run ‘sudo install ~/grin/grin /usr local/bin’ to enable simply launching the node by typing just the word grin from any directory in your terminal or console)

Give it 15-30 sec and the textual interface will come up with network, peers, mining, and logs which is more informative and easy to use/understand than 99% of node software out there IMO.

I totally get where you are coming from, and ardocrat has done amazing work with Grim, but the core software is pretty elegant and nice to use.


Thanks for your feedback, my personal motivation is not financial, I was impressed by Grin like everyone else here, so decided to make an application. Grin is art and like it was said artists must be poor =)

BTC we have, but we have no manpower with a time, and I think the only financial motivation is not enough to make things better. A lot things to be done for real adoption and this what we are doing together with developing, testing, and using.

I believe in the future Grin can launch satellite from these BTC. Also there are a lot open problems. And Multisig is one of them.


what wallet is that? maybe there should be a post bc idk what it is LOL

It will be a post after release, now we are testing at private repo and at Telegram chat Telegram: Contact @grim_app, you can share your Github username to build for now.

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Besides, Grin++ has offered a great GUI wallet experience with extra functionality such as coin control, optional new address generation and extra support for those who live in restrictive countries.
So it is not like there was no GUI wallet. Time for Grin++ to get some updates. And although not supported, Niffler wallet had it’s fair share of fans.

It is great to see a new wallet is on the horizon, especially a mobile wallet. With multiple GUI wallets it is interesting to see which direction each wallets will go. Perhaps the CC should take a bit of a step back and allow more “artistic freedom” to wallet devs.


why not open source it and do the development in public with others

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yea a good UX/UI mobile wallet is much needed


Everybody is welcome, just share Github username and build or contribute with others before official release.


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iOS build is coming too


And atmosphere is also important :smiley:


UI looks nice. Is this written in Python?


Pure Rust with