DEX Pairs for GRIN

Recently, Bittrex and Poloniex delisted GRIN, and I heard some worry about less and less exchanges available after GRIN 5.0 HF.

And according to Active Exchanges, there’re only 2 exchanges will support Slackpack. Even if will upgrade wallet and support Slackpack also, still just 3 exchanges.

Btw, TOR is somehow also a (main?) reason to make some centralised exchanges hesitate to support 5.0 upgrading or new listing.

I’m wondering whether it’s a best time to start some DEX pairs for example WGRIN-ETH, to compensate the ecosystem loss of those delistings in CEX. But before that, a so-called Wrapped GRIN must be created firstly.

If someone knows this domain, would you please give some suggestions about which wrapping is the best one for GRIN? I know ZEC is using renZEC for that:, but I indeed don’t know very well about REN:

(Here just an idea and want some brainstorming, not a real action yet and there’s no any real single step toward that.)


beside gate and tradeogre,which one other? can you tell?

Here is what I read in @bluimes post :slight_smile:

Screenshot aa


At least for Bitforex i can say that slatepack-support has not been announced officially yet. However i would be surprised if they really drop Grin since they seem to be committed to Mimblewimble (both Grin and Beam have special logos on the SPOT-Trading-Page) and other “Privacy Coins” such as Monero can still be traded there.

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I have tested only Tradeogre which now has implemented the slatepack method. Until now, Bitforex hasn’t and Gateio hasn’t, but they promise to support it.

I just hope there is an easy way to get GRIN, whether it’s on dex or centralize exchange, and the pair I need is here: Fiat gateway stablecoins list Many exchanges have USDT pairs but that means after depositing in local currency, one has to convert to USDT and then exchange it for GRIN. Ahaha. Maybe @JackZhang can make it happen because financially there is no problem for him. :wink::grin:

Regarding the Android wallet it can be used either ironbelly or grin++ and in the future along with updates, the existing bugs are also fixed.

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Saw this in a WeChat group shared by Kris JH:

Grin need to move to Web3 - for example Polkadot and Cosmos which already have the infrastructure for multichains connections. Polkadot have a grant program for Devs , maybe this connection can be supported. It’s also very hype theme, because Polkadot starts it’s parachain slots auctions

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I can support this activity in informational way


By the way Zcash has a wrapped version on Ethereum and exactly 29 people own it.

Certainly a real game changer.


WXMR(Wrapped Monero) comes:

this wrapped coins only dilute the coin. No useful,another fractional reserve banking style.


I’m sure this is your joke. Dont troll so hard.

Or, at most 29 people own it? Same person could be counted multiple times?

Right - 29 accounts; At most 29 people.

Bottom line is it’s probably not worth pursuing. Setting up grin trading on Bisq would be slightly more beneficial, and much simpler.


Atomic swaps with Litecoin (and others of course) would be an awesome gateway