Grin++ recent development updates and nostr

I totally agree about the right to be forgotten, by the way. If we keep speaking up about privacy concerns, it will naturally improve. Just need to guide the zeitgeist in that direction.

  1. The cool thing about Nostr is that the user does have control over where their data spreads. Clients will continue to improve in how this is shown and managed by the user. One client I’ve used actually shows each Relay and whether you read or write to it. Clarifying the read/write relationship is helpful imo. Also, running your own relay from a home device could become easier over time as well.

  2. I think in the future, users will primarily only post encrypted data. Unencrypted will be rare. Sort of like how most people on Facebook only post “to friends”, but you can post publicly if you so choose.

Clients also adding multi-account management (account switching) help with this a ton! So much privacy can be gained from that simple best practice (segmenting your identities).

It unlocks so many use cases! The venmo product idea needed a messaging system and now it’s here! Also there is a marketplace spec built on Nostr too!

How do you do it without invoices or payment proofs though?

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