Grin-cli binary

Hi all

A few months back I made a post about contributing to the codebase, and since then I’ve been loosely following the developments of the project. Congratulations on the recent developments in governance, it seems very good!

With some of my free time I’ve been trying to familiarize myself with the grin and grin-wallet codebase and the binaries themselves. Interacting with the node feels a little different than for example interacting with bitcoind, which has a tool called bitcoin-cli. It’s a command line interface that makes issuing RPCs to the node very easy.

I’m aware of the interactive wallet interface, but I’m thinking more in terms of something you could call from a script. It is used in many tools that use the bitcoin network, like block explorers and the lightning network.

Is this something that exists for grin that I’ve missed, or perhaps something that would be interesting to have?

I have held off on responding as I am not a competent developer but I can see the potential use of an api being valuable to exchanges and pools by way of ‘error-handling’ due to itx nature. We have a block explorer api in current development by the GrinNode Live team

perhaps there may be a way to work with GrinNode live api developers to build out functionality.

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