Communicating with grin-wallet API (Tutorial)

For a while now on the grin-wallet API I’ve been collecting notes and script, especially lately as I’ve been supporting a developer working for an Exchange. I managed to put everything together in a tutorial type document. The document takes you from installing grin to communicating with the API.

You will also find a folder named scripts. There are +20 bash scripts to query the API using cURL. Feel free of adding more content.


Also if you want to run your node in a separate server from the wallet which is recommended, please change api_http_addr to run on your server IP, example:
api_http_addr = “”
NOTE: Make sure you are using your own IP.

This isn’t necessary for most users. will listen on all interfaces by default.

Maybe you’d prefer comments like this on github but I don’t really know how to use it if that’s supposed to be PR or Issue or what.

I appreciate the documenting of these tutorials, it was your previous comment on the forum that I used to get mine running as a service.

Did you test it on api_http_addr = “”? Let me know if it works I will update it.

Thank you.

Yes I run mine that way and my Ironbelly can reach it.

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I am aware that the document has many typos. If anyone wants to help and open a PR please do so.

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This is something I can work on. Will get it updated in the next few days



I went through line-by-line and did my best to address any instances regarding:

-Inconsistent capitalizations e.g. Slatepack

Not sure how to intitate the pull request for review, but the revised document can be found here:


I opened the PR for you. Thank you so much!

Merged :smiley:


The tutorial can be found here:


Nice! Just two quick revisions under “Running grin as a service”

“NOTE: Be aware that you probably will need to properly configure your firewall” should be “NOTE: Be aware that you will probably need to properly configure your firewall.”


“You see will now the status:” should be “You will now see the status:”

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Fixed, sorry about that. Thank you.

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