Grin-wallet 401 Unauthorized with data Body

Hello everybody,
I followed the instruction to install a node and run a wallet (
But I got error when trying to run grin-wallet command
ERROR grin_wallet_impls::node_clients::http - Get chain height error: Request error: Wrong response code: 401 Unauthorized with data Body

I search google and try to edit my grin-wallet.toml to api_listen_interface = β€œ0.0.0.0”
and grin-server.toml to api_http_addr = β€œ0.0.0.0:3413”
but the issue is still there. Any help please.
Thank you.

Just an update, despite of the error message, I still got payment from exchange Poloniex, quite fast and smooth. Ten minutes to have 10 confirmations.

Bravo Grin :heart_eyes:

comment out β€œapi_secret_path” in grin-wallet.toml
make this options point to the right file contain the api_sercet.

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