Request for Funding - Assistant Groundskeeper / Satoshocrat / Oct-Dec 2022

Greetings all,

I am requesting consecutive funding for the role of Assistant Groundskeeper for the months of October through December. During my inaugural role of Assistant Groundskeeper, I believe I contributed in substantive ways:

Contributing and editing the twice-monthly Grin Newsletter:

My goal was to help address some of the previous concerns related to grammar and flow dynamic of the newsletter. I believe I helped to create a better presentation of product.

Assisting to review and revise the API integration guide:

Goal was to contribute in a capable manner editing and reviewing text for grammar and clean structure:

I believe this went well and was well-received by all parties.

Additionally, I’ve contributed to formalizing documentation and detailing of the well-known, under-studied, “chronic node freezing problem [for some],” and I’m actively testing a solution.

In the world of exposing new users and devs to grin, I have a presence on twitter and feel I represent the value proposition both fluently and enthusiastically:

Anyway, I’m passionate about grin and its prospects and would like the opportunity to continue what I am doing for this promising project.

Thank you for your time and warm grinnings,


Time period: October-December 2022
Rate: 500 € /mo


Great first term as groundskeeper. Good work on helping with the newsletter and with debugging the Freezing issue with the node.
Once we have PIDB on mainnet and stable nodes, we can start rolling out custom Raspberry Pi’s with Grin casing to run nodes. This will improve much the ease of running nodes at home without the hassle to restart them, overall making Grin’s node network more robust and stable.
In favor of continued funding :grin::+1:


That sounds amazing. That will really help to exemplify grin’s use case with scalability, let alone be a convenient access point for users to run a node and further decentralize the network.

That’s why I do it anyway. I could run it on a laptop, but the efficiency of being able to run it reliably on a pi, with minimal overhead (electricity, hardware), is something to get excited about


I am in favor of continuing funding @satoshocrat