Request for Funding - Groundskeeper / Satoshocrat / Jan-Apr 2023

Greetings Grinners and Grinnettes,

Wishing a bountiful and blessed block-chaining to one and all. It has been a pleasure to serve the community in the capacity of Assistant Groundskeeper over the last few months:

-Editing and refining the bi-weekly newsletter,
-Creating content for twitter for new education and outreach,
-Responding to and resolving technical support requests via Grin++ telegram.

My proudest contribution this cycle has been undoubtedly troubleshooting and testing successfully the compiling of Grin++ on RPi running Ubuntu 22.04. This task I did have guidance from David Tavarez on the linux-specific processes, but the research and hours of quasi-masochistic trial and error was both fun and fruitful.

I have shared with a few people @davidtavarez, @johndavies24 and @mcm-mike the procedure I followed as it pertains to compatible/accessible repos, dependencies, hurdles and solutions for a successful build (and will post in a separate thread in the future once it is replicated).

During this Groundskeeper role, I found myself discovering new passion for the Grin Project and ways in which I feel I can aptly/enthusiastically contribute. This spawned a new idea recently and I believe it is both worthy and welcome by the community:

A New Newsletter, but not just any Newsletter… The vision I have is to transform the bi-weekly blog post into a Newspaper format, with above-the-fold headlines, catchy pieces with engaging content, and visually, as a website, it would be as if the user is turning pages through the articles. I will use wordpress, squarespace etc. this is an approximate design, but I envision less colors and more traditional format if possible.

It would be a monthly distribution, but with more dense quality and content. I feel if done correctly, this will boost visibility and engagement with Grin at large, and I commit to the Newspaper being something in which we can all be proud.

In addition to the paper, I intend to continue assisting with end-user troubleshooting and community tasks as necessary, and have talked with David about assisting with the community-hosted nodes for example.

Rate 1500 USD / Monthly

Thank you for the consideration and I hope everyone has a delightful, Grintastic day :smiley:



I like the idea of there being a place where news articles related to grin are collated. I support this idea. Perhaps there could be a formal way for members to submit articles for consideration to broaden the pool of material.

A catchy name would be good if there isn’t already one.

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I’m more than happy to both crowdsource the name and host community content. As far as the name however, I’m set on having Grin prominently in the title, e.g. “Grin Gazette”

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Grin Newspaper format.

I support transforming the bi-weekly blog post into a Newspaper format, with above-the-fold headlines, catchy pieces with engaging content, and visually, as a website. This could help us to include technical articles and expand what is published, and consequently, we would improve the content. I would like to support @satoshocrat doing this.


In general I think it is an interesting proposal to provide content in a website like format.
I do however prefer to keep that contribution within the limits of 1000 USD/Month and I think it is possible.
For example, by integrating it in the GrinCC website, a lot of design work can be skipped. Content wise I would see this more as an in-dept blog, going into details into topics such as CoinSwap. I see it therefore not as a replacement but a supplement to the newsletter and in general a nice addition to the website. Additionally, I think time can be saved by relying to some extend on voluntary contributions. If someone wants to help write content, this saves a lot of time. Also I think we should make this type of website blogging variable based on content available for blogging and not fixed to any time frame.
So I would propose the following tasks for 1000 USD/month, just let me know what you think

  • GrinCC meeting note keeping
  • new website blog (don’t reinvent the wheel, use the website)
  • Responding to and resolving technical support requests via Grin++ telegram and or other channels

Typo checking of the newsletter for @Cobragrin you can leave to Mac and me or contribute to when you have time available.


I think this is an excellent, mutually-satisfying proposal- one that expands on the role while allowing for community collaboration, fresh perspectives… Looking forward to organizing this endeavor and helping promote the Grin Project in an enthusiastic but also substantive manner.

@davidtavarez had a cool idea with integrating Jekyll to allow community members to post submissions via GitHub. This seems like an efficient way to also ingest, screen, edit, catalogue content. Do you prefer I use my own GitHub @jaw709 or have conditional access to the GrinCC repo?

As for the technical support, I do have experience in this regard both as it pertains to Grin and career experience, but I might need assistance if “escalation” of an issue is warranted.

I can definitely do the meeting note-taking and will be thorough; Just let me know if there is a preferred template and to where I should submit the documentation.

Excited about continuing to assist, and thank you to the CC for allowing me the opportunity to explore and potentially innovate. I do commit to quality and responsiveness as the Grin community deserves no less.