Grin PHP integration

Hello all,

I am thinking about implementing a Grin PHP library. I’m inspired by this project.

I’m curious if there is some interest for this, or if this is something that would be valued. If more people are interested in this, this would give me some motivation to continue.


having a PHP implementation of the grin wallet would be a fantastic thing. everybody could just point to a node and do their own grin checkout features without having to even download the blockchain or use any other libraries.


I have this in the roadmap GitHub - grinventions/about: about grinventions but currently working on the GitHub - grinventions/mimblewimble-py: Pure Python implementation of Mimblewimble protocol for Grin cryptocurrency and after that planning to tackle GitHub - grinventions/mimblewimble-js . If anyone wants to contribute let’s say Grinventions is hiring because I could apply for funding for you from the ツ Community Fund.


I’ll join. I code html, js, css, php, python, c#. I’m also looking to make grin. I’ll send you a DM.


I would also like to contribute Python/JS/PHP, but I’m busy at the moment with the hardware wallet implementation.


@markhollis perhaps whilst you are working on the hardware wallet you could just peer review the code or something


I’m so glad to see such enthusiasm! I think what we need is setup some sort of communication channel where we can discuss the source code of grin++ and CLI wallet from the core team.

I love coding this, it is great fun, but honestly reverse engineering source code all by myself is a bit of a pain, and I feel bad flooding David with questions at random moments of time…

So if we had some sort of a discussion group where we could analyze it together it would be much more pleasant work.

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How about a channel in the GRIN community discord? I’m not only interested in helping out with javascript, but also porting c++ to python. If we could get a role and a channel on discord we can communicate real-time to get this progressing. edit: there is already a #development channel in the grin community discord we can use to chat. Do you use discord?


I use Discord and I would be ok with that, I am just worried that it would be just endless IM discussion. I think I would prefer something in QA kind of format so that whatever we find could be useful for someone else later. Sort of Mimblewimble knowledge base, like our own StackOverflow.

I have received some donations for Grinventions and I intend to use those funds only to pay for project related expenses. Perhaps I could get a server and install one of the above softs for our Mimblewimble knowledge base.


When reading your question, I had something in mind like Questions - OpenCV Q&A Forum or Maybe it could also work as a separate category in this forum?

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Maybe this library can be useful for MimbleWimble-py? GitHub - WTRMQDev/secp256k1-zkp-py

I’ve liked into monerophp a while ago. I remember that their approach is making calls to a JSON-RPC API. They haven’t translated the actual full Monero codebase (although a Python translation can be useful to experiment). Something similar could be an approach for a Grin WooCommerce (Wordpress) plugin.

We would need secp256k1 library indeed, but the most important to find would be some PHP library to compute and verify bulletproofs for us. In my judgement that will be the greatest challenge to implement.

Regarding making a payment processor, you are correct, technically we could use owner/foreign API from an actual wallet. However… Trust me, I used to work with online stores for a while, setting up ツ wallet in listener mode to make a WP plugin work is beyond average seller skills…

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