Grin ledger hardware wallet progress thread by @markhollis


Here I will post my updates about the work I’m doing for implementing Ledger hardware support. See this thread: [LOCKED] Support Ledger Wallet

The past two weeks I started working on the connection between Grin++ and Ledger.

There are two projects I am now working on: the Grin++ hardware wallet support and the Ledger device app.

Now I’m working on the USB communication code on the Grin++ side.

After this goes well, here are some tasks I can already anticipate:

I plan to look at how to implement other setup functions like key derivation, setting PIN and passphrase.

I will also look at integrating some of the C embedded code that Vlad posted previously. Notably the cryptographic primitives, such as rangeproofs. These are things that will be reused.

After this, I will start working on the transactions: defining the UI screens, the different commands that must happen during the different types of transactions.


Great news. Good luck!


You’re making efficient progress, cheers!

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great , was waiting for ledger support.

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The last weeks I worked on grin-wallet. I’ve been looking how I can integrate the hardware wallet interfacing code in this existing codebase.

I have been stuck for some days on getting the communication between the Ledger device and my test program working.

But I can now send ‘simple’ commands between the terminal and receive feedback. It turned out to be some USB timing issue.

I think I am also going to start looking into the Ledger Live component. I think it helps when I can switch between different parts of the project, whenever I feel I am ‘stuck’ on one part.

I hope I can get more progress the following weeks.