Grin on Ledger Hardware Wallet

hi all

I’m new to Grin and very fascinated about it. so I just read that Grin has no amounts and no addresses.
Please let me ask, does this imply that there will be no haradware wallet support, like Ledger Nano S, to store my Grin coins?

I’m used to keepin my coins safe on hardware wallets these days.

Thanks, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

We don’t see any technical barriers that would stop Ledger from supporting Grin on their hardware wallet. They just need time to study grin wallet behaviour and to port to their wallet.


Ledger tweeted this today!


Is someone working on the Ledger application? It’d be pretty useful to have GRIN stored on my Ledger.

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Has anyone started looking into this yet? I am happy to lend a hand in the development of this.


If you need a public API to test your development, feel free to use our public API (

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