Request for Funding - Getting Back to Work //Jankie

Greetings all,

Apologies for the vacancy on my end recently, life decided to throw some haymakers my way and I’ve had to shift focus… Now I would like to get back into contributing albeit in a different format as described below.

Instead of working on salary, I propose to continue responsibilities in form of contract work; payment correlating to the time it takes to complete tasks.(@rate 20eur per hour[paid in Grin]) In practice I would turn the forum post ‘work-log’ into a ‘work-order’ detailing the task and how long it took to complete. I think this can clear any misconception about work done and subsequent value.

I intend to continue with social outreach but in a personal way and without expected payment as I see socials as being part of the community (note:paid posting with consistency and strict messaging I think is worth pay but I’d rather not be social-media marketer in that sense)

Proposed compensation for following:

  • Bi-weekly newsletter: 2-3hrs
  • Note transcription: 1-2 hrs
  • Misc tasks on request (video tutorials, financial logs etc)

Also, a primary objective was to onboard new developers, and I still believe bringing new developers to work with the project to be essential to positive growth. Tech recruiting is a role that is commonly formulated on a contract basis. I am requesting that this work be compensated similar to existing tech-recruiting standards but with open-source twist of compensation upon new-developer successful milestone completion (@rate 20% of new-developer-compensation) This rate is in line with the standard rates seen of 15-45%. I’ve been developing strategies, and networking with developers since I began here, however without a successful onboard this work may have seemed inconsequential to the community; I hope this change will put this work into a stronger context of work value, in that I would only get paid if/when a developer hits milestones opposed to being part of a ‘salary’

Thank you for consideration


I like the idea of having new developers

If I understood correctly, there are two other groundkeeper funding requests by Cobragrin and satoshocrat. Can you three better clarify what you are going to do and why they are all necessary and essential to Grin development.

I like your idea being paid in Grin though.

I don’t have the bandwidth to continue on full-time as groundskeeper, but I’d like to continue publishing the Grin newsletter that was originally started by @lehnberg. This bi-weekly newsletter is to provide a point of reference for the community to share and keep up with project updates relating to development, governance, and news; currently with 2,371 subscribers. This differs from @Cobragrin grinpost in editorial tone and frequency.

I don’t think I would consider myself as ‘groundskeeper’ anymore as I don’t have the time to commit, but I found meeting transcription quick work so elected to offer my services to be compensated on the small amount of time it would take.

My headhunting while working as groundskeeper- this was a task I was primarily focused on. It has been a long time objective of the community to bring on new developers and something I’d like to see happen (and still do- hence why I’d like to continue this work within the proposed framework)

Unfortunately, recently I had to take some time off working with Grin to manage personal events, and as I am re-orienting myself I see that @satoshocrat has offered to being available to take on tasks as assistant to groundskeeper. I’m not surprised to see his proposal as he had always made himself available to the community and personally someone I frequently pestered with requests for help :slight_smile: As the groundskeeper position is extremely broad, and @Cobragrin is only one, imo having someone like @satoshocrat available to pick-up tasks and be available would be an extremely valuable resource.

Welcome back. I did not yet discuss this with other CC members, but it would be great for you to continue work on the Bi-weekly newsletter, possibly in collaboration with @satoshocrat .
Regarding the note-keeping, it is now in the task list of @Cobragrin. He can drop it if he does not like it, but then he should find some other worthy tasks since we increased his work load and pay from 1000$ to 1500$ a month.