Request for funding @Newjack777

Job Role: Grin Groundskeeper.
Duty: Assistant to grin council(s) and devs for the completion of general task(s) relating to grin development.

Grin Groundskeeper Duties: Maintain, update, organize, and clean grin development assets. Some potential groundskeeper duties may include: maintenance and update public facing PR resources, headhunting devs for bounty completion, exchange resources, act as intermediary for project council and devs for outreach purposes, maintain data-storage, completing critical non-technical tasks such as editing, documenting, and maintaining assets.

My motivation here is that I believe in this; cryptography is a philosophy of freedom; and to me grin embodies these values more truly than any other crypto-currency. Iā€™m a 33 year old hobbyist programmer and it would be an honor to work with you.

Intermediate proficiency: python, cronjobs, html, css, github

Time-Available to commit: Full-Time.
This is a request for a 3 months period(July-September '21) Rate: $1,200/month . Working time: 14 hrs/week. Payment in grin preferred.


Yes for me. :+1: Give this guy money.

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