Jankie - progress update thread

Hello Fellow GRiN’ers,

I will be using this post as an ongoing progress-log for the sake of transparency and input from the Community. I have been working with fellow Groundskeeper StakerVali and the Community Council to formalize a workflow that allows the GRiN project to meet regular maintenance requirements while remaining flexible to meet additional requirements as they present themselves. See the first iteration of the finalized Groundskeeper Work initiative here & my initial funding request here

Progress Update for Sept.01-Oct.31

Newsletters - joint collaboration with StakerVali

141: Newsletter Resumes
142: Growing Organized Sub Communities
143: Realizing POW Chain Security

Agenda and Meeting Notes - cycle work with StakerVali (1 on 1 off)

31-08-2021 Community Meeting Notes
28-09-2021 Community Meeting Notes

Developer Outreach Awareness Initiative

‘Code An Economy’ creative live on grin_privacy twitterthanks to @Neo handling the grin_privacy!- Plan is to re-purpose this post by screen-capping and sharing across various social(s)/forums/channels.

R/Rust Jobs Post is livethanks to @satoshocrat ongoing networking -This post is updated on each Rust release. Plan is to keep this post updated upon fresh updates.

I am also networking with individuals by way of direct communication on various channels. For example, on the R/Rust Jobs Post there is a section where individuals may present their experience from here I direct message based on if they may fit. Plan to continue this direct form of developer outreach and expand onto other social(s)/forums/channels

In addition to maintaining current developer outreach assets, I plan on a continual expansion of newly developed strategies.

Past Developer Contact

It was proposed that a potential source for project developer input would be by re-contacting past developers who have shown an interest in the project that may have moved on to other things. Just a matter of keeping the bridge open and maintaining a working relationship. There are various points of interest regarding past developers and I am currently working on sourcing contacts from these sources. Work is ongoing.

Working-Group Initiative

Growing an engaging and active community requires an element of organization. Thoughtful and creative working-groups may focus on topics of interest. Working out how to foster the growth and sustainability of these sub-groups has been shown to be of significant importance to the community. Work is ongoing.


-Coingecko exchange support: Working with various community members we were able to ensure that the coingecko team was provided essential project information so that GRiN coin listing was uninterrupted.


I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to a project that seeks to make a positive change in the world of finance as finance has the ability to impact many lives. Moving forward I would like to become more efficient in my working process and I believe this will be so as the learning curve begins to taper. I want to build strong community connections with like minded individuals who may be interested in cryptography, philosophy and open source coding. I remain committed to asset maintenance, developing new strategies, designing new creatives, and expanding awareness that progresses the GRiN project.

Please don’t hesitate to critique, request initiatives, or make a suggestion-

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson


Nice work on the developer outreach!

I am collecting//listing scattered grin resources, such as scritps, programs as well as documentation:

There is growing list of link-outs to old and new repositories related to Grin. The list is not complete, but it already shows that Grin has a wider support then some community members might realize. Some of the people working on these projects might also be interested to work on Grin for payments, I think most if not all of these coders did their work without direct pay.
Once we completed this list, we can also contact the developers of these projects.


here is growing list of link-outs to old and new repositories related to Grin… Once we completed this list, we can also contact the developers of these projects.

I agree- these resources have immense value to sourcing past developer contributions. There is a deep well here that may be tapped thanks to GRiN being open and transparent since day 1. Also past gitter channel, mailing-list, forum post, github and on…

Grin has a wider support then some community members might realize

After diving into various sources there is clearly a large group of individual contributors who have dedicated work and energy for GRiNs progress. As far as I can tell GRiN launch was met with massive support among a wide cryptography audience. Many may have moved onto something shiny, or some may have simply had life move them elsewhere- but GRiN is somewhere in the consciousness- there is just a massive amount of noise in the cryptospace. I have a theory many people may be watching technology from the sidelines, the wait and see approach; as technology is an evolution of sorts. but I wonder how we can get individuals off the fence and into the game or like our discussion here, how to get valued developers back to contributing resources hence here we are :slight_smile: Much appreciation for the feedback Anyn

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