Stakervali - Progress update thread

Hello Grin Community

My request for funding was kindly accepted by Grin Community Council. I would like to give a report about my work as a groundskeeper during September 01- November 30

  1. Publishment of Newsletter* with @NewJack777
  2. Summarization and publishment of meeting notes on github with @NewJack777
  3. Management of agenda issues
  4. Development of grincc website. Current version can be viewed here. I have imported meeting notes, hub, finance and doc repos. I have developed website with react framework. Currently there is not much interactivity (only displays grin donation wallet status) but I am planning to add more functionality and sections (searching notes, ongoing projects etc.)
  5. Small tasks given by CC such as searching notes for specific info etc.

I am open to critics and suggestions, especially for grincc website.

Thanks all


did you post the newsletter to the bitcointalk grin thread?

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No, most likely jankie had shared it in grin topic [ANN] Grin | PoW Mining | Electronic transactions for all. Community driven.
There seems to be a problem in links, we will correct it. Thanks for asking.

1,000 dollars a month is so worth it, it looks like they are doing a 100 billion dollars project

Looks very good on light theme browsers. However, it is rather hard to read in dark mode. Both the body text which is light grey on a dark gray background, as well as the header letters which are white on a yellow background are hard to read in dark mode. I am not sure where, but it would also be great to have a direct link to

I like the short summary of the meeting notes on the main website as well as the direct link to add agenda topics to the next meeting.


Thanks for the feedback!
I am going to look into dark mode, I had disabled it in the main settings, but somehow it is enabled.
I think, can be added to footer.

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Hi all,

Here is my update report for my approved funding request between December 01 - February 27.

  1. I have prepared a home page which summarizes Community council’s mission, which has been merged to grincc official docs.
  2. I have created a projects page on which ongoing and completed community projects as well as a wishlist based on the github repo.
  3. I have added dark theme choice and fixed dark theme bug on mobile browsers.
  4. I have added notes from the meetings in this period to web site and completed all meeting notes.
  5. I have helped jankie with grinnews letters 146, 147, 148/
  6. I have managed agenda topics for community meetings (Issues · grincc/agenda · GitHub).
  7. I have carried out small tasks given by CC such as this.

From my task list search functionality and publishment of the site is not covered. I think the site is ready to be published and I plan to implement search functionality.

Source code for website can be found here.


All looking good, I especially like the addition of the Projects page.
It indeed looks like the site is ready. Next Tuesday we can discuss if some additional information such an overview of exchange, could be added as well.