Stakervali - Progress update thread

Hello Grin Community

My request for funding was kindly accepted by Grin Community Council. I would like to give a report about my work as a groundskeeper during September 01- November 30

  1. Publishment of Newsletter* with @NewJack777
  2. Summarization and publishment of meeting notes on github with @NewJack777
  3. Management of agenda issues
  4. Development of grincc website. Current version can be viewed here. I have imported meeting notes, hub, finance and doc repos. I have developed website with react framework. Currently there is not much interactivity (only displays grin donation wallet status) but I am planning to add more functionality and sections (searching notes, ongoing projects etc.)
  5. Small tasks given by CC such as searching notes for specific info etc.

I am open to critics and suggestions, especially for grincc website.

Thanks all


did you post the newsletter to the bitcointalk grin thread?

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No, most likely jankie had shared it in grin topic [ANN] Grin | PoW Mining | Electronic transactions for all. Community driven.
There seems to be a problem in links, we will correct it. Thanks for asking.

1,000 dollars a month is so worth it, it looks like they are doing a 100 billion dollars project

Looks very good on light theme browsers. However, it is rather hard to read in dark mode. Both the body text which is light grey on a dark gray background, as well as the header letters which are white on a yellow background are hard to read in dark mode. I am not sure where, but it would also be great to have a direct link to

I like the short summary of the meeting notes on the main website as well as the direct link to add agenda topics to the next meeting.


Thanks for the feedback!
I am going to look into dark mode, I had disabled it in the main settings, but somehow it is enabled.
I think, can be added to footer.

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