Request for Funding @Cobragrin Sept 2023- December 2023

Hi Grin community.
Term September-December 2023
Rate €1750

This is a funding request for a 4 month period (September 2023 - December 2023 ). My previous progress is here.

I’d like to keep doing my duty and take on new tasks over the next four months. Decentralization is an important part of Grin’s future growth. My main effort is to help make Grin’s governance more decentralized.

Main focus as GK;

Transparency: Decisions are made in a transparent manner, which can help to build trust and confidence in the system.

Accountability: Participants are accountable to each other, which can help to prevent corruption and abuse of power.

Efficiency: Decisions to make more efficiently,informing community in open channels, keeping the record of decisions related to Grin development path.

Resilience: Decentralized governance communities are more resilient to attack or manipulation than centralized systems, however, when a flood of gates opens as a community grows, it remains vulnerable to some malicious intentions.

Non-development tasks serve as background and help speed up the process of making decisions in a decentralized way. For newcomers, it’s important that the people in charge of Grin are open and answerable.

Specific contributions and tasks


  • Any task / request assigned by community or Grin community leaders.
  • Support and Inform the community about Upgrades, News and Developments via social channels with Newsletters
  • Contributing to Grincc/hub and other /docs repos.

I am looking forward to working together with new community council members, and I believe that the year 2024 will be a revitalizing and encouraging one for Grin in light of the recent and impending developments and news. ツ


With quite some changes in the CC, it is nice to have you as groundskeeper to provide some continuity :smile: . I support this funding request.


I don’t support this funding request. I vote against it.

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@Rafiki Can you provide arguments for your objection?


based on your previous work, i support this funding request


Based on his current work and the past work I am also in favor for this request.


Herewith I would like to announce this funding, granted :tada:
@Cobragrin I will draft a transaction today, signing will happen in the non-public Community Council Priority channel.