Request for Funding @Cobragrin May-AUG 2023

My term ended at March 2023, I would like to keep working about the tasks ,duties below and additional responsibilities if needed. Non-development tasks, which serve as groundwork and help speed up the decentralized decision-making process, and it helps the community to contribute more when there is greater transparency and accountability imo.
Term May-Aug 2023
Rate €1750
The main tasks,

Administrative tasks.

  • Agenda maintenance.
  • Transcribe meeting notes and summary.
  • Decision log updates.
  • Track-record Task list.
  • Funded requests progress tracking on regular basis.
    ** The responsibility of tracking the progress of funded requests regularly is the most important for trust and transparency. As part of my responsibility, I will check regularly that the funded tasks are being carried out and I will update at the CC meetings on any issues that requires action from their part.

Finance PR

Contributing to grincc/finance PR for transparency and accountability.

 1.  Prepare account & financial reports.
 2.  Spending and payment logs
 3.  Quarterly transparency reports bookkeeping and publish.
 4.  Tracking payments.( Tracking, calculating)


  • Various tasks if needed given by community and both OC and GRIN CC about Grin ecosystem,being focal point of contact in the community.

  • The missing meeting notes and decision log entries since January 2023;
    The task assigned to the other GK but abandoned so i want to do it to keep the transparency record.

  • GK as Community bridge: I want to bring issues / ideas to the CC direct from the community.

  • Support and Inform the community about Upgrades, News and Developments via social channels with Newsletters.

I am open to all suggestions and ideas, anything that may encourage the widespread use of GRIN.


We need some kind of management for processes linked to CC funding to prevent situations of spending money for “promises” like it occasionally happened in the past.
CC funds should be spent for already done work, not in front.
I suggest you to create and manage the board at Github to increase transparency of this process. Any community member can suggest bounty how to make Grin better and/or divide it to tasks with rates, next step is approval from CC members.
Any community member can be involved in process to take free task, help, testing and so on.
Payments can be done after some results.
Let’s discuss this at next meeting.


I would like to see more community supportt for this funding request, as well as the Funding Request from @davidtavarez
In general, I want to be more conservative in spending community funds. As far as I can judge @Cobragrin has done all tasks he promised to do in his last funding request as well as in previous requests. I think having him as a single Groundkeeper is sufficient. Therefore, if the community supports it, I will also support funding this request.

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I support funding request for @Cobragrin as I can see results of his work and previous work was done, I am also promoting him as manager for CC bounties, he can be paid as full-time worker here.
I am not supporting @davidtavarez funding request, cause previous work was not done, despite I respect David’s past merits and progress.
Only facts here, nothing personal. Let’s make Grin better together.

@Cobragrin is one of the most involved members of our community. In my opinion this request is essential to keep ツ looking alive and active. I am not the one deciding, but I just want you to know I fully support it.

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I fully support it, @Cobragrin has proven himself as committed GK time after time, he is capable of handling any task and is always willing to take on additional responsibilities.

Also, his previous funding period ended in April, he didn’t even mentioned it at the CC meetings and has been volunteering since then.


I am surprised @Cobragrin is not CC member, he is more active and productive than half of CC members… I think this should be fixed.


Paid, versus unpaid… :wink:.
But yes, @Cobragrin has done a great job and we need him in order to keep our administration and overview in check, even when we try to reduce spending, this is vital for transparency and continuity.


I have an appointment prior to the CC meeting and expect I might only be able to join later during the meeting.
You have my yay/vote/ :+1: for the funding request, in case I have not yet joined the meeting when it is being discussed :grinning:.

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:tada: Congratulations @Cobragrin This funding request was granted!


Congratulations @Cobragrin !


Thank you all for support :palms_up_together: