Request for Funding @Cobragrin 2024- 2025

Hello Grin Community.

Term 2024- 2025
Rate monthly /€1750 as before. Total compensation for 5 months.
This is a funding request for a full year period (2024 to 2025 ). My previous progress reports is here

Specific contributions and tasks


  • Any task / request assigned by community, be available to respond to project-related activities and efforts specified by the CCGrin or community leaders.
  • Support and Inform the community about Upgrades, News and Developments via social channels with Newsletters
  • Contributing to Grincc/hub and other /docs repos.

So question may arise why 5 month payment but full year contributing?

I choosen to be flexible for the Grin project. I would like to create a margin example, my remaining compensation can be used for other useful purposes, maybe a python wallet, a mobile Grin wallet or a payment proccessor. GrinCC and community will evaluate this in best way i believe.

On the other hand, i wont decrease/ lessen my time for Grin. I will spend more time, planning more interesting community engagements. I am here to stay until we rock the financial world like bitcoin.


I appreciate you offering to use the funding for a full year as well as the fact that in the last two months you worked without funding :yellow_heart:.

The work that comes with the CC is unpredictable. In 2023 we had a very busy period for governance with a lot of back log work needing to be done and some major overhauls. The community specifically asked for better/more timely administration which you took upon yourself.
At the moment things are happening at a more slow pace. Hopefully it stays this way and we can focus our energy and time on funding and supporting community projects.

In case unexpectedly the workload would increase significantly, feel free to put in another funding request.
I support this funding request.


Bump, this funding request will be discussed in the CC meeting of 27th February.

This funding request has been approved :tada: