GrinCC.MW online πŸŽ‰

:tada: The new Grin Community Council website is online! :tada: :

This is all thanks to the hard work of @stakerV who build the website in the last 3 months. Also thanks go to @hendi for arranging the .mw domain.
Some highlights of what can be found here:

  • Grin Hub containing links to anything Grin related such as sites, tools, docs, memes, marketing material and art
  • An overview of projects and their status
  • Anything Grin Community Council related such as Governance information, agenda’s, notes etc.

To be added soon is an up to date overview of exchanges with information on KYC, decentralization and the protocols they support. Also we will provide an overview of official Grin miner retailers so it will be easy for any Grinner to go to the right website and not get scammed :grin:

Is there any other Grin related information that you had a hard time to find? Let us know, maybe we should put it on the website so everyone can find it in a jiffy.


I have just updated and added a searchbox for meeting notes. Source code is available at github. Instructions on updating/deploying can be found in

I can update the site. To add a new CC funded project, I need project info formatted like this.

        id: "project-id",  
        name: "project name",
        owner: "project's owner",
        description: "Project's short description",
        milestones: [
            { description : "Milestone 1 description",status: MILESTONESTATUS.COMPLETED or MILESTONESTATUS.ONGOING or MILESTONESTATUS.NOTSTARTED},
            { description : "Milestone 2 description", status:MILESTONESTATUS.COMPLETED or MILESTONESTATUS.ONGOING or MILESTONESTATUS.NOTSTARTED},
            { description : "Milestone 3 description",status: MILESTONESTATUS.COMPLETED or MILESTONESTATUS.ONGOING or MILESTONESTATUS.NOTSTARTED},
        githubLink: " link",
        forumLink : "",
        approveDate: "22 February 2022",
        approveLink : "",
        fundingAmount : "Β£50,000"

I will also add new meeting notes regularly referencing from github repo, but notes must be organized with following items in .md format.

  1. Attendance list
  2. Short summary
  3. Voting results
  4. Agenda Points
  5. Discussion texts )
  6. Action Points


  • add an exchange / mining list
  • add an access-rights page

I hope you like it and it will be useful to community.

4 Likes is updated.

  • Replaced paouky with mwgrin_fr in CC members list
  • Updated hub section with Github repo including Mining and exchanges list
  • Added QR code for slatepacks to finished projects section and removed it from wishlist, thanks to @cliik :slight_smile:

Latest meeting notes are missing, once PR requests on github are merged, I will add them.