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I usually hangout on telegram, and have been updating a pretty chilled grin telegram chats pinned message ( for the last year or so. Decided a couple of days ago maybe better (/ cooler?) to make a little resource site (inspired by the bitcoin J.lopp site).

Can find the site here:

Thought maybe some here would find it useful, but also, thought some may like to contribute - point to resources, or some really needed CSS… This is my first ever website I made, so not looking too pretty… yet, but hope its still helpful to some.
Github is here for those that wanna contribute via PR:


Nice job, Gus.
That’s a rather more comprehensive than

Host the HTML Source as repo on GitHub. So community can contribute via PR.

Forgot to share the github:
Thanks mate.
I will also add this to the original post.

Thanks John,
I hope to make it a little more readable and add extra stuff as everything moves a long (and I slowly learn some CSS haha).

I hope you noticed that was the first link on the site :slight_smile:

I only realize now that you mention it:-)

possible to get and up there? and do you mind if I link via

For sure - I will add them both there. Actually I had the TMGOX on the telegram channel, so must have missed when putting it over

Love the grin gears by the way :smiley:

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And the link sounds good