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Hi everyone, I called this post the GRIN WEB regarding the WARSAW discussion of what could be a strategy to grow community and usability.

I’m still here and will try my last shot. Let me explain:

1/ Community is not growing, so doubt came across people and some are losing hope.

(We are still at the exact same telegram number for at least 12 months. Keybase is almost dead, website not up to date)

2/ I’m not a propagandist of that we need bringing returns x100 to people but for sure we have a problem of price stability.
You can’t really use something that lose value forever (at this speed)

3/ We have no new devs and new projects coming. (We just try to advance some long time project.) Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t know them and it’s almost the same because if they exist it means we don’t spread them correctly.

4/ We are at the mercy of short, the support of Gate opened the possibility to borrow massive amount of GRIN (Up to 4 or 5 millions ) and sell them. ( for a buyback after at a lower price ). This situation is at the expense of miners and users .
So this problem should be address. I think we are close to kind of floor price right now, the 3 to 7 cents seems staying here for long now. So at least this will maybe freeze shorter.

5/ we have too much red flag:
-website not up to date
-no clear path to easily onboard new people
-no public online event

And maybe some more stuff but anyway the important part is the next one :slight_smile:

It’s not another post like we are used to see on a regular basis explaining how GRIN failed them. It’s a strategy to move on and bring new stuff.

So, regarding all this, I will take the next few months to write what I was thinking about for a long time and already started. A GRIN book

Why ? And How ?

First, I have to accept that I will not digest very well if the project come to disappear.
Second, it will a way to organise all ressources and tutorials to allow people to easily onboard GRIN. Starting from understanding it, testing it, use it, participate in it to even more if they want to joins us.

For the How point:
I-’m far from the most dev guys around here but it will make me in the position of seeing what ressources or informations are too much difficult. It will make me possible see if processes, tutorials ,… are easily accessible and understandable.

-This is not an easy task but to increase chances and making something great, I will dedicate the next 4 to 6 months to this project.

-Here comes the part of financing, contribution. I will ask no money for time spending or anything else. I will inject some ressources from me and it will be open to donations, all what I put inside from me and what comes from donators will be used to the project. Can be captcha , interview, servers or I don’t know what.

Btw: I think that could be a good opportunity to rebuild the website. Not up to date and not enough information to onboard people, no link to tutorials, very old ranking donators.

-For the part of execution, I have no skills and no pretension to be able to create everything by myself. So my goal Is clearly to take inspiration from the design of Mastering Bitcoin and using part of ressources already existing.

It start right now:
-tomorrow I will provide funds that I will commit to the project
-the next day I will come I will post a mind map of what I see for this project.

And if people want to contribute just now: If you can do a captcha for free GRIN sample, I will reward you and I will use my own GRIN to load the captcha.

We have a window of shoot at the moment with all this mess about CEX.
Let’s do it, it worths the effort



I don’t think the website needs to be rebuilt. it’s quite pretty. People just need to point out where it’s out of date.


I like the idea of a Mastering Grin book. I thought about starting a similar project myself but I I have to accept that currently it is beyond me in terms of needed time and expertise.
But who knows, I might contribute a few paragraphs or chapters if the framework is provided :+1:
Regarding the website, it is not updated, but it is fine as it is. Once PIDB and the GUI rust wallet are released we maybe should add some links and extra documentation, but all information on the main website is rock solid. The design is cypher punk ageless IMO.


With your response I understood my statement was inaccurate, I was meaning updating .
For exemple niffler is first on community project while it’s no more updated for exemple.
Transparency report not p to date. Grin donation not updated ´ grin address offline
No mention of CC and who they are.

I agree with most of the things about the book. First of all, I love the idea of having a book on Grin that is updated over time. The book could be released in parts, even digitally, every 360 days, so it would not be a book but a technical magazine, if it included an illustrated part, either a comic book like the old newspapers, or an illustrated novel, the better.

Imagine a first volume telling the story from August 1st 2016 narrating when the document titled MIMBLEWIMBLE was shared on IRC. That volume could be exclusively a comic book or an illustrated novel. The second volume could be purely technical explaining the protocol. Another volume only with everything related to economics. Anyway, you get the idea. Everyone could read it out of order and still understand Grin, and anyone can participate with the topics they are most interested in and in the way they feel most comfortable.

Different volumes could be distributed at local events, or we could send copies to different people, institutions, magazines, newspapers, etc.

Regarding the websites, I believe that it should be updated with current information, just that IMO.


So, today the step was the fund.

It will be 10000 k grin
0.05 btc
1000 euros

Tomorrow the plan :slight_smile:

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Anyone writing a book about grin might take inspiration from this book for a title: