Request for Funding Grin Book ≡ Ascendio @minexpert May - December 2022

About Me
Based on my educational career; I am an Energy Systems Engineer and Economist. While, concerning my cryptocurrencies and Blockchain career; I have been mining cryptocurrencies since 2014 and in 2017, I founded Maden Uzmani, which installs cryptocurrencies mining and sells system parts. I took the “Digital Currencies and Blockchain” course for 1 semester at Istanbul Bilgi University. In 2018, I received a “Blockchain Expertise” certificate from Turkey’s first official institution. Asides these, I met many valuable teachers and attended many crypto coin events. For example, Beam’s Istanbul event, which is associated with Grin.

My Contributions For Grin
After gaining knowledge of Grin in 2019, I thought I have found something valuable and left a lot of things aside. I began to spend most of my time researching, writing and narrating about Grin. That’s why I wrote articles in Turkish and English.
English articles:

  1. Bitcoin and Grin : A Rise from the Ashes
  2. Grin Network May Destroy Because of Chinese Miners
  3. A Different Approach to Grin’s Inflation and Supply
  4. Bitcoin Sunset Grin Sunrise
  5. The Mysterious Meaning Behind the Name of Grin Founder Ignotus Peverell
  6. The Bitcoin Founder Satoshi Nakamoto Appeared As Grin Years Later?

I’m not limited to articles or I didn’t limit sharing information to articles. I have always tried to show Grin on my Twitter account, Youtube videos, and TV channels I’ve been on.
I also generated new ideas like designing the Grin mask with my cousin, whose talent is drawing. Then, we made the Ignotus Peverell piece and presented it to the community.
My aim has always been to be the voice of Grin in every subject and I believe I have been able to achieve this so far because my estimation is that some of the community and an average of 80% of people from Turkey learned about Grin from me.

The Downside
No matter how valuable the Grin is, it has to experience price pressure for a while due to the influence of monetary policy. Since the price is low, people are not interested in Grin. For Grin may be considered to Einstein, who couldn’t speak until he was 5 years old but went ahead to make an impact in the world.

What Needs to be Done
If you pay attention, everyone reading this article is here because they know the features of Grin, not because of the price of Grin. Therefore, it is necessary to bring many people together with a source that tells many thing about Grin. Only in this way can we accelerate the adaptation process and contribute to it.
At this point, I want to write a book that explains Grin in all its details, shows its difference from other cryptocurrencies and makes readers understand how it is special. In addition, I will try to make the book have a structure that clears many questions about Grin, shows the reason for the price drop and emphasizes the importance of long-term thinking.

What You Can Achieve With This Idea
With the book I will write, everyone will be able to participate in Grin’s advertising and marketing campaign. For example:

  • If you are an individual Grin supporter and want to spread Grin, buy 20 of the book and gift it to your friends who are interested crypto coins. Test how many of readers will support Grin. Imagine if they do the same as you.

  • I can transfer the copyrights of the book to Grin CC for Europe. Grin CC can support Grin’s advertising campaign by launching the book at events, on Amazon and on any platform it chooses.

  • On Twitter, free sweepstakes can be made for the book, and accounts that support Grin can be grown this way because people don’t hesitate to follow and like for free stuff.

I am someone who loves and support Grin from the heart. I think I can prove this with what I’ve done so far. Now, I want to do one more important thing and take a next step.
Also, as the entire Grin community will be involved in this process, we will begin to think as a unit. Grin; It can’t get anywhere without you, me or him/her. We need Grin, Grin needs all of us. Together we will work to create a community that grows but grows with knowledge.

My Disadvantages
Although I have written many articles so far, this will be the first book I will write. Therefore, I have no knowledge of copyrights and need to learn. I have struggles about how to keep the flow in a long book. I am incapable of correctly translating the book into English on my own and will need assistance.

2500 € per month May - December 2022

What Will the Funding Cover?
I have been working on the book for about 3 months and I learned what to do in the process.

  1. I will write the book full time and as a single job.

  2. For copyrights, I will get counseling from a professional author or book institution.

  3. I will get support from my cousin who drew the Grin mask and the Ignotus Peverell to draw the new visuals I have in mind for the book.

  4. I will get consultancy for English translation.

  5. I will get support from my professors who are leading and trained in Turkey’s Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

End and Ignotus Peverell Mission
There will be an open source version of the book in both Turkish and English languages. I adopt open source code like Ignotus and expect nothing from book proceeds. Therefore, only the publisher’s fee and profit will be for the printed version in Turkey. Within Europe, Grin CC or another requesting team can manage the process. I named this project the “Ascendio” spell for Grin because when everyone else thinks we’re dead, we will start to rising.


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This sounds great, I loved reading your thoughtful articles and I am looking forward to your book.

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It would be cool if we could buy the book with Grin.

Maybe that can be a soft goal haha. Have grin added to an online checkout plugin by the time the book is finished

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Nice idea, I support your work. I still have 100 Grin reserved with your name on it from your earlier Grin book proposal:

In the past there have also been other proposals, such as jointly writing a Grin book, “The first horcrux” by @Mane and lets not forget the awesome GRINOIRE, a book that is sadly still physically missing in my book shelve, but the book can be downloaded for free!:


I love your works so far and would love to see this book coming to fruition. Regarding the funding, I am still inclined to think that a bounty upon delivery as well as donations might be more suitable as funding than a monthly amount. We can shortly discuss this in today’s Community Council meeting on KeyBase.

First of all, thank for all comments.

I know Mane’s opinion. However, I expressed at the time that I thought a little different from him.

Can you please explain in detail?

I think this is something we can discuss in today’s CC meeting, I am not sure myself yet what is best.

Alright @Anynomous

I would like to point out a few things publicly.
At first I wanted to do this work only with personal donations. That’s why I expressed my opinion on the first topic I opened and added my donation address. Although many responses was quite positive, I did not receive any donations. In addition, although I did not expect any money in my other works, those who wanted to donate contacted me but none of them didn’t do that.

Another point is my expenses. I explained exactly what kind of expenses I will have in 5 items. I can’t say to the people who I’m going to get consultancy and tell them I’m waiting for donations and I’ll pay after that.
Therefore, I can accept personal donations but I cannot accept it as a single payment method because I just want to focus on my work without thinking money.
Lastly, I will publish a draft of personal donations in the future. Personal donations will create more incentives for me and also create a chance for community members ensure that their names are associated with Grin. I know quite well from the psychology books I’ve read that if your name is associated with something, you can’t forget it till forever and you always have extra sympathy for it.

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Hi all, I DM you because I’m really motivated to spend personal time to participate on this.:smiley:

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