Request for funding Cekickafa as Groundskeeper (Mar-May 2022)

Hello Grin Community

I am cekickafa, being involved with Grin with the idea of a decentralized cryptocurrency since the end of 2019. I think that Grin has a solid foundation and a very bright future. I have been contributing to Grin in all social ways, as much as I can do in my part time. I am requesting to be funded as a groundskeeper to spread the Grin word in social media and help growth of our community.


Here is a list of my earlier activities. Please bear in mind, if the opportunity is given, I could dedicate myself this task as a full-time job, which let me do much more.

  • I consistently post in social channels about grin. I try to reply every post about Grin, privacy, decentralization in reddit). I answer questions within my knowledge to help newcomers. I have a karma of 1125 which I earned with my Grin posts.

  • I have been actively using twitter mainly for sharing news about grin with these accounts, MW_Grin, AfricaGrin(for spreading Grin in Africa :blush: ), blockchainist.

  • I have been contacting exchanges, websites etc. whenever I see there is a need. For example, I contacted coinmarketcap when I noticed they are not using pow, mineable tags for grin (which is one of distinctive feature of grin among thousands of coins). I have warned ipollo about scam asic sites. Last week, I have contacted more than 10 exchanges, for listing Grin.

  • I have authored medium articles such as this or this. Also, some other in Turkish.

  • I have published a newsletter named Grinpost.

  • I have a youtube channel contains tutorials and videos to raise awareness about Grin.

  • I have attended all CC meetings to staying up to date about all the progress in Grin.

What I am planning to do:

  1. I will publish more tutorial vides about Grin, update/improve existing videos on youtube.

  2. I will be more active on social channels, try to reach more people on other platforms such as Instagram and bitcointalk.

  3. I will continue publishing Grinpost bi-weekly. Grinpost has an informal tone, which received positive feedbacks from community.

  4. I believe that detailed articles giving insight about improvements on Grin or comparison to other coins is important to capture more audience. I will author more medium articles to raise Grin awareness.

  5. I will be available other organizational tasks given by CC such as transcribing meeting notes.

Funding Request

I am requesting to be funded for 3 months between March 15 - May 15 2022 with a rate of €1,000/month.


Nice to see all your work on Grin @Cobragrin, I red the Grinposts with pleasure.
Although I knew about most, the youtube videos were new to me. I think we should have more of those. We are still discussing the format for facilitating more video’s, we were thinking about a contest or bounties.

I am just gone put my personal opinion here, not an official stand from the Community Council.
I am a bit hesitant to hire more ground-keepers for the following reasons:

  1. I think the current ground-keepers still have space to take on more work and become more efficient. They are at the moment more than capable of handling the administrative task we hand them and so far there have been few tasks suggested by the community. Actually, I think you are the first to come with some solid suggestions for tasks. Thanks for that :grin:.

  2. The idea we (or at least I) set out with when becoming part of the Community Council is to make more sub-teams who would focus on specific topics like marketing. I think you would be well suited to be a member of for example a grin ‘marketing team’, sort of an ambassador. @NewJack777 is doing currently a lot of outreach, you could work with him and others ( I do not mind joining :smiley:) to form such a marketing team. The way I envision such a position is however more of voluntary and honorary position with formal recognition (we can list sub-teams and their members/ambassadors on Github). Such a position would however not be paid although the council could sponsor activities and marketing material.
    Again this is only my personal opinion because I see the role of the CC as facilitators for the community activities and for funding development of the ecosystem. Although marketing is desirable, and something we should support by funding material, we are not a commercial project, hence hiring someone on a fixed basis for marketing related activities does not fit well with the CC’s objectives.

I hope you are not offended by my opinion since I do appreciate you and your work for the Grin community greatly.


I am not offended at all @anynomous thank you for sharing your opinion.
I applied the funding as a FULL-TIME groundskeeper, I am confused you classified it as marketing. When I look at jankie’s RFC, first work item he would like to continue to do is releasing bi-weekly newsletter. I am up for the same tasks including managing meeting notes, documentation as well as carrying out other administrative tasks.
When I look at grin newsletter posts at bitcointalk, all the recent newsletters have only two news items. I think Grin ecosystem is rich and can supply more content for a bi-weekly newsletter. But it requires more than 2 hours of effort every two-weeks.

I wholeheartedly agree, and my activities as a groundskeeper will be geared towards the development of Grin ecosystem.


I more inclined towards this. I think having and supporting ambassadors is very valuable to any open source project. Maybe we could discuss this in a CC meeting.

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So basically your tasks would very much overlap with @NewJack777. If we would not have two ground-keepers already it would make very much sense to hire you as ground-keeper. It is just because we already have 2 ground-keepers hired that cover these tasks that it does not make much sense to hire a third ground-keeper.
@NewJack777 activities are for a large part core outreach, both to community and developers. These tasks are indeed already going in the direction of marketing, we call it outreach but those two are similar, outreach is more passive and marketing more active.

Anyhow, because of the above I would be more inclined to see you in a position as Grin ambassador and if you want it part of a marketing team.

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Impressive list! I hope to see you continue as a full-time groundskeeper.


First of all, thank you @Cobragrin for all the work you have done for Grin.

Although I started Groundskeeper work with tasks covering meeting notes, newsletter etc. I have been solely working on grincc web site since start of this year. Grincc website is finished and deployed now. For this reason, I will not apply for RFC as a groundskeeper. I am grateful to Grin CC and Grin Community. I can manage maintenance of grincc site on a voluntarily basis, adding new meeting notes or projects etc. is not a problem.

@Cobragrin joining to groundskeeper team could bring new blood to team, with new ideas and actions. So I am supporting his proposal. Based on his previous work, I think he deserves a chance to show what he could do.


Thank you very much @stakerV for your work as a GRIN Groundskeeper and that you joined GRIN on its path to the future.

To finalize your task about Grincc website we are in the process of buying a GRIN Community-Council domain. Thank you for the work on the website.

On a personal note, I could always rely on you, when I had questions about meeting decisions or in need for a specific GRIN link. You always knew where to look at and found it for me :slight_smile: :+1:


And it was worth the wait! Thank you for your work @stakerV

Well, I already said it @Cobragrin

I am in favor of funding this funding request and looking forward to see what you will do with the position :grin:.


Thanks Mike :slight_smile:

If you need help, you can ask anytime, glad to help :slight_smile:

I am happy to be part of the GrinCC team, thank you for your support @anynomous :slight_smile: