Grin Logo on Television

Hello everyone.
Yesterday (25.03.2021) at 03:15 pm hours (GMT +3), one of Turkey’s largest national channels (Haberturk), broadcast a speech i made on crypto-currency mining. In the background of the video, i put up on board my favourite project ever which is “Grin” logo. Although topic was not about Grin, I am pleased to share this with you that Grin was on a national channel for the first time.
Stay with Grin.


Time: 7:57 - 9:50
Note: The video is Turkish, which is my native language. I am sorry for this. You can try to translate it into English with automatic translation.


this is so cool. It is most likely literally the very first appeareance of Grin in Television. I didnt understand a word so i can only speculate about the serious context of the report (the failing lira).


Your mining looks more or less professional , but you definitively in need of some GRIN stickers for the next TV interview. :sweat_smile:

Buy some stickers here:

I always try to make public pictures or announcement filled up with GRIN stickers as you can see on my iChicken pictures :slight_smile:


Only people already familiar with the Grin logo and on the lookout for it, will notice its presence in the video:-)


You can auto-translate the captions: Turn on CC, go in the CC settings, select “Turkish (auto-generated)” and then go in the CC settings again and you should see an “Auto-translate” option below that. It works pretty well.

@minexpert with the MW logo is pretty much just talking about the economics of mining, and the whole piece is a bit broader and interesting given the current situation with the Turkish lira.




what an easy to remember and simple to draw logo! bravo!