Availabiltiy of Grin media kit/marketing assets

Hi everyone! I’m Danny, a representative of ChainRift.

Does anyone have a Grin media kit (high quality logo, banner, whatever else that might be deemed relevant) that can be used for marketing purposes to help further the project?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Danny! Please see here: site/assets/images/grin-logo-master at master · mimblewimble/site · GitHub

Let me know if you need anything else. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Daniel … It might be useful to give them a few other things that a media kit might contain like:

  • the logo with the word in preferred typeface (i.e. logotype)
  • the “official” mission statement
  • a short paragraph describing Grin/MW
  • the preferred currency symbol
  • the preferred 3-letter code (some coins use 4 letters so maybe GRIN works for that too)
  • some info on the Grin Council and lead developer

Some of these may obviously need rubber-stamping by the aforementioned council but I’d suggest it might be useful to have them near to launch to help with general spreading of the good word…
PS I’m Yeastplume’s “Irish friend”… we met at Grincon0 in Berlin ; )