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Dear all. I created this thread with the objective to:

Collect and Share Grin marketing material and designs.

By uploading designs for marketing material on Grin Hub.
Anyone can print and order their own marketing material for personal use, as gifts, for promotional purposes or to sell via Slatepack Market. Feel free to share here your designs, or make a pull request via the GrinHub marketing directory.

To start this thread, I recreated the famous “Cupatroo” cup sold on TMGOX which beautifully shows the 42 lines of code of the cuckoo cycle in Monod bold font. The code is flanked by two Cockatrices, for those who are notmagizoologists among you.

I printed the cup using a local photo cup print service using a temperature sensitive black color cup, meaning the text and figures ‘magically’ appear once you poor hot water or coffee in the cup.
Now you can contemplate how these beautiful 42 lines of code generate the proof of work that secures all you ツ transactions. See some photo’s below. Designs to print your own cup can be found here:


“Grin in pictures” seems low quality image compared to the one here Grin Marketing - 7 things to love about Grin - #8 by Anynomous

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Thx, I updated it with the higher resolution version.

Just some feedback on my self printed cup. It is a nice trick to have the ‘magical’ cup effect of the print only appearing when the cup is hot. But to be honest, I would prefer to look at the awesome design all the time, not only when my cup is full and hot.
Hence I would advice if anyone wants to print their own cup to simply use the black print on a white cup or the white print on a black cup, or the black print on a yellow cup. You can find both the black print, white print and editable design in Paint.Net format here:



Ignotus card

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The Grin Lurker AI




Cool stuff! Will add it to marketing when I have time.

This is my favorite one yet! Great stuff!

Download link GrinArt/unknowngrinman.gif at main · grinsingularity/GrinArt · GitHub