First Grin Mask

The strongest area in human memory is the visual side. You can forget a person’s name after hearing it carefully, you can forget his last name after hearing it carefully, but once you look at his face carefully, you will remember that face wherever you see it. To understand this, look at a photo of your schoolmates. You may not remember the names and surnames of some of them, but when you look at their faces, you remember who they are and what traits they have. Another example is when you think a lot about the name of a famous person and you may not remember it. But when you see his face, you will know that person is that celebrity you know.
In summary, visual memory is much more powerful and memorable. It is so powerful that sometimes we don’t forget what we see once for the rest of our lives.

Grin Face

At this point, we need to learn the value of Grin’s logo. Because the Grin logo is inspired by the human face and a person who sees it may not forget it for a long time with the effect of our strong visual memory.
Let prove it.



You may not have watched some of the movies and TV shows where the masks you have seen above. But if you’ve seen one of these at least once on social media, you probably remember that mask.
Is not it? Here is the proof.


We need to realize that we have a very valuable logo. Because Grin’s logo has the human face, which is the thing that a person sees most in our life, and therefore it has the potential to take a serious place in our visual memory. However, let’s realize that only Grin has the human face logo, out of nearly 10 thousand cryptocurrencies. In summary, we are different, special and we have the most memorable logo.
So what should we do with it?

What we need to do?

We need to make use of this beautiful logo in a way that is more beautiful and spreads everywhere. In this, the easiest and most beautiful thing we can do is to make Grin’s mask. It will be the world’s first cute yellow-faced mask to represent justice and secrecy. It will be unique. Many who see it will remember it for the rest of his life.

Road map

Simple. One of us will design a three-dimensional Grin mask, staying true to the original logo. I think @nirg, @lovelygrin, @grinsun or someone else can do it. As a community, we will open the mask designs for voting. The mask with the most votes will be the one we will support on behalf of the community.

Things that have been tried so far

By this time, there have been many people trying to spread Grin. However, many failed. Because the main issue that ordinary people are interested in is price and money. When you tell them how valuable a $28-30 million project is, they will only look at its price and price rise performance. But only a small community like us can see the intrinsic value of this thing. Therefore, we can now change the our mission.


Let’s forget everything and everyone. Let’s put aside all attempts to spread Grin. Let’s just put a mask on our face. Wherever we defend privacy and justice, let’s just wear our masks instead of talking.

Let this be a quiet and flamboyant protest. It is also the most effective one. Let’s be sure that someone who sees our mask will start to wonder about Grin and will never forget him again. This is the mission of our mask.

Who are we?

We are fishermen. We have Grin on the end of our fishing rod. To the fish, hey! We’re not going to yell that there’s Grin here. Because no sound can be heard underwater. We’ll just put the Grin on the end of our fishing rod and wait for them to come on their own.

Let’s do this!



I like the idea of a Grin mask. Not sure how the eye part will work out, but the smile is most definitely doable while staying true to the original design. The logo much reminds me of the Laughing man from Ghost in the Shell. It best works as an overlay to completely replace the face:


This is the closest mask to the Grin logo that I could find online:

Unfortunately no information on the manufacturer, otherwise we could ask them to produce Grin masks

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Yes there are various smile-emoji masks.
What we need is something that totally showcases Grin.

For the eye part, this place can be see-through


the middle of the eyes can be pierced.


That’s a great suggestion!

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I am in China, my friend’s home is to do mask factory, if necessary, I am willing to help!


Let’s change the Anonymous mask to Grinanymous!


The eye section could have pinholes instead of large holes like pinhole glasses if that looks better.




Nice, idear @grn, I traced down the producer of the mask I linked above:

Other manufacturers are also welcome, maybe even better since you have a direct link @grin001.

One problem would be though that to make it worth while for a producer we have to produce at least 1000 masks or so and probably we need to give them a 3D design first.

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Does anyone have a 3d scanner? If so, the most optimal solution would be to 1) scan one of those emoji masks and 2) digitally edit it to make the 3D model of the grin mask 3) see if there are enough people interested in buying one before 3) contacting a producer?

Shipping and anonymity of the buyer is another big issue for which I do not see a solution yet.

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Or download and modify an existing 3D model: MorettaMask v1 Free 3D Model - .obj .stl - Free3D

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Perfect news. If you can talk to him and give him our opinion, we’d love to know what he thinks.

Yes! @Gorfo. We will change it

This is an excellent idea. This should definitely be evaluated in the eye section.

@Anynomous You are the person who most deserves this mask because of your name. Thanks for your ideas and research.
Let’s continue together.


What about 3D mask for instagram, snapchat or even special app for phones?


You mean like an overlay, automatically replace your face with the Grin symbol? That would be a very cool way to market both privacy and Grin.


Yeah, somethink like AR 3D face filters in inst or snapchat. But for privacy and independency it can be handwritten solution, special for grin.

quick examples:
Spark AR - instagram, facebook SDK for face filters and masks
AR Face Doodle - Open Source web project with masking (think it can be used in minimal implementation - idk what is this shit, another SDK for masks


Needs a tidy up but a quick and dirty MW ANON


Maybe someone can try to make it from this project ?

It’s use Face Mesh that have UV layout for mask:


Good idea! Also we need that.

It’s looking like it’s been like this for years. We can improve it.

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@minexpert You will need a program like Blender to design a 3d Grin Mask, but I still do not understand if you want a digital mask or a simple mask like anonymous mask above.

Both together. I am not a designer or mask maker. I’m not capable of this. I’m giving an idea for the community to make it happen. We must do this together.