New Grin merch store

I created a Redbubble store with 20 different Grin designs to start. I took the time to recreate or retouch old Grin memes to make them suitable for printing plus a few original designs of my own. I am also taking suggestions for designs and products to offer. Buy 10 stickers for 50% off and stickers always ship free.

All profits will be used to buy Grin and then donated to the dev fund.


Here is a link to the art I used. It’s all big png files that I upscaled and retouched or re-did to eliminate artifacts and made all the edges sharp again.

Grin memes and logos

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Thank you, I hate it

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I liked your comment so much I am going to order a print of it to remember the time dog told me I don’t have drip.

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I notice a mix of grin art and from other grinners. Selling a free product normally has to be described by a license. Regardless of where the money goes it would be good to at least highlight the creators of some logos and art on your site with specific links. :wink:

Great point thanks for reminding me, I added credit where possible and now just the dog logo and rainbow smiley are uncredited and from other grinners. Unfortunately I sourced them from other users on telegram and Twitter so the artist is unknown.

If anyone wants to claim those or the infographics I’ll gladly credit or remove based on preference.

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Hello again. If you download photo files from twitter or telegram quality is low. So you won’t get the desired result. The print will not come out well.

Example this design comes from a wallpaper I had made and it is the following.

Take a look here GitHub - grinsingularity/GrinArt and here also hub/wallpapers at main · grincc/hub · GitHub

You can take ideas and better quality images. I do not claim any copyrights as long as its under unlicensed license Unlicense - Wikipedia That’s why I tell you just to mention the source of the images. :wink:


Thanks, I actually did get that one from screenshotting that exact background. It just came out shit and I’ll probably remove it. I also poured through those resources before and they had great material and inspiration. Too bad the organization is a mess.

A few new stickers are in the store, a couple classics and tw0 original.

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