[free gift] grin stickers

Hello GRIN community,

I’d like to create a GRIN sticker, that I would stick in all parts of the world during my travels.
Do you have any fun ideas?
Please share your ideas here (vector images if possible).

I will give some stickers to the chosen person (postage paid by me).


I think stickers are really good idea. It can be sticked many places…


Really like that one, would love to have it on a T-shirts. Possibly with the Bitcoin part on the front, grin part on the back.

I’m not a good graphic designer, but I can try to reproduce it.

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Logo Grin with: infinitely anonymous and anonymously infinite. 1 second 1 Grin

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Before you start creating, be sure to check if you can find examples or parts to reuse in:
https://github.com/grincc/hub/tree/main/marketing [no preview]
https://github.com/grincc/hub/tree/main/meme [no preview]

You can easily get them on you computer to explore with:

git clone GitHub - grincc/hub: GRIN scripts and tools


It’s perfect, I just have to make my choice.
I’ll send some to a few members once ordered!

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May you share the file?

Hope this helps.


Awesome stickers. I would love to get some.