GRINISTanbul Meetup

I am pleased that this GRINISTanbul meetup has become a reality and hope that it will be beneficial to GRIN and its community.
I would like to do more but limited time, etc…Maybe see you next time ツ


7 days of Culture, Crypto, Bears, Tea, Milk and History in Istanbul.


One thing I have been meaning to ask for a while is “where did you get those awesome stickers?”
I really would love to have some. Probably I could order some to be printed myself using the material in hub/marketing at main · grincc/hub · GitHub
but it would still entail some work and probably mean I have to minimally order a 1000 of them which might be overkill :sweat_smile:


Well, i have them printed and want to create a ’ Grin Street ’ theme :grin:, the concept is taken from gif. Stickers are extremely useful and have an impact on social daily life for anyone who has never heard of Grin or crypto imo.

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