15 January 2024 Anniversary of Grin mainnet 🎉

This month on the 15th, Grin’s mainnet will commemorate its fifth year of existence. 5 YEARS is not a short time period, bitter and sweet we all marched together as a whole community. :palms_up_together:

This topic is opened to collect ideas for celebration within community. Celebration ideas can emerge as;

  • Joining community video chat at Telegram channel.
  • A twitter space can be.

Or any invidiual, local attempts in your own. Feel free to add ideas :tada:


Yes! :birthday: Twitter Space to make world aware, will be cool to bring all GRIN OGs to speak about present and future of Grin, it will be historic event :tada: :confetti_ball:

Current times and events are showing importance of technologies like GRIN.


I am always in for a party. Not sure if Twitter/X would be my preferred channel though.
A physical meetup this year would also be nice, but hard to pull of since Grin is a global project.

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I guess we can think about this after bullrun, so everybody will have a chance to travel… if only it will be no problems in the word with this :sweat_smile:

So who wants to join as GRIN OGs to speak about present and future of Grin at twitter space room tomorrow ?


I will Skipp it. Not truely an OG (joined in 2019) and using Twitter while staying private is impossible I think.

Perhaps ask the question on KeyBase, that’s where the real OGs are😉. I might be around there tomorrow


Well, keybase OG s are here as well. Afaik i know @oryhp , @vegycslol , @Yeastplume @johndavies24 @david @davidtavarez @mcm-mike @Mokhtar all has twitter accounts and twit about Grin.

Maybe @trab and @Trinitron can join also.