Grinpost ,spreading the Grin word

Hello ,i am trying to spread Grin and its features ,which you know fundamentals at social media twitter,reddit. But i am the only 1 person , Grin devs code ,but Grin community stalled so much lately,due to exchange problems , price decrease. But in my opinion we wont be able to cure it if we sit on our ass.This is an internet currency. We need user base and a wide ecosystem.

So Grin needs to be distributed not only with coin but with the words and get a user base. Lately there is many developments going on about Governance and Technicals. i wrote 3 rd post ,you can take the any part and write some idea,mention at twitter and other channels PLEASE.

Apologies if i didnt mention,forgotten some names or made a mistake ,feel free to reach me… for some reasons i didnt on purpose mention the NAMES ,who worked,contributed before build the most of Grin -as you can understood what i mean MimbleWimble spell :slight_smile:

if any other ideas,about sharing meme,gifs,news spreading the word,please comment.
Please share the news. Thank you all. ツ


@Cobragrin Thanks for this great initiative!
It is good to celebrate all the great things going on, reading your post I realize again how much Grin has been evolving in this last half year and how much there is to celebrate.


yes there is too much things build since 2016 ,just we couldnt spread it ,sooner or later Grin history will be dig and appreciated.
i believe Grin wont be a regular page on cryptocurrency history ,a Grin Saga.ツ