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Hi Grin Community :slight_smile:

This thread is the initial try to save information about Grin Meetups.
I will update it by mentioning the announced meetups for Grin Coin.

Feb 22, Bangkok, THA:** [Grin Asia Meetup] : Grincon Asia - Bangkok - co-hosted by bitfish and Hashtag Capital | Meetup

Mar 26, Amsterdam, NL:** [Grin Amsterdam Meetup] :

Feel free to post about the meetups dates and locations you know.

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There’s also:
Which we hopefully will be able to keep up to date if we all work together!

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Nothing new in that link. Am following TimeCryptoNews to track the upcoming events. Sadly the website is currently down.

Seems like at least the London meetups are missing?

Recent Atlanta talk involving grin was also missing.

@kargakis @0xb100d good points - how about adding the events you think are missing to the wiki?

added the London meetups

Yeah I forgot about that document and dropped the ball adding the ATL one def should have been I.

Anybody else going to magical crypto conference? The speakers list is amazing. Can’t wait.

Wish I could make it to the Amsterdam meetup. Maybe in a few years :slight_smile:

Missed today’s meetup hope all participating will have a great time

why link to live GRIN amsterdam not posted

Would anybody tell us about what happened in that meetup?
I can’t find updated news about it?

@PoKAHANTAS see here for a pretty good recap :v:

I would also recommend as a good resource to keep yourself up to date in general (disclosure: I write it)

Thank you for update :+1:

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Moscow, May 16th


Thanks for the update.

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Thank you! This is really interesting and relevant.

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