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Glad to join this community forum!

I organize one of the biggest meetups around blockchain and crypto in France (Coinhouse Store - previously La Maison du Bitcoin). We’ve discussed Grin internally and we would love to host a Grin meetup here. We know there would be strong interest from the French community.

This is purely a community event, with no budget. The idea would be to have a meetup that starts by being not too technical (explaining MimbleWimble and the Grin approach) and then go into the technicalities. Ideally around the launch of mainnet! Are some of you interested in coming to Paris for such a project?

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Thanks for reaching out with this opportunity @bohagan!

A couple of follow up questions:

  • Do you have any community online presence you could link to so that we can find out more about your group?
  • Are you affiliated with any other organisations? Any sponsors?
  • Would you be able to support air/train travel & accommodation (if necessary) expenses?
  • Are there any particular dates you have in mind?
  • Where would the event be held? At what venue?
  • Would there be marketing / logos etc at the event? If so, could you give us more detail?

Hi Lehnberg,

Thank you for your questions, here are the answers:

  • Community Online Presence - see meetup group :
    You can also find Coinhouse on Facebook or Twitter

  • I am affiliated with Coinhouse - a french broker/exchange who was born at La Maison du Bitcoin (our physical space) with Ledger (so we are also slightly affiliated to Ledger). However none of them will sponsor other than provide a venue for the event. The event is purely for educative reasons.

  • We unfortunately cannot support air/train travel since we have no budget (it’s mostly a personal initiative within Coinhouse).

  • I was thinking around the 20th of January, but it depends mostly on the availability of speakers !

  • The event would be held at the Coinhouse Store in Paris. Capacity of 60 people with the availability to record the event and post it on youtube thereafter.

  • No marketing / logos at the event. This event is more like a big meetup with the community for the community. No corporate backing other than Coinhouse through the venue.

Hope this helps !

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Are you in touch with @mably? He’s been a great community member for a while.

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@igno.peverell Yes he was the first one I contacted since he is very active about Grin in the CryptoFR group!

Definitely someone who could come over but he is not based in Paris.

+1 for @mably, think that would make a lot of sense!

Hi @bohagan, glad to join if you launch a GC meetup in Paris. Any news from @mably ? We could contact him throughtCyptoFr slack if needed.

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Hi all,

Update: I’m in touch with Alexey Miroshkin. He could maybe come to Paris for such an event and in the meantime meet the Ledger team for a discussion / integration. Will definitely try and bring @mably to the meetup too!

Will update any progress around the event here. Feel free to ping me if you want to get involved!

Thanks all for your help,

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