London, UK Meetup

I am just trying to get a feel for whether any of the community are interested in a Grin meetup. Nothing formal, just a chance for some members to meet and chat over coffee or beer. Perhaps some goods ideas can be generated or people can just express their passion for grin, privacy or anything crypto related. Perhaps there are cities around the world where there are a number of members that could meet. What do you think?


I did go to a Bitcoin meetup in London two years ago and there was only 6 of us in a bar. But regardless, everyone was chill and we talked until late in the night and had a great time. I recommend people attend as many such events as possible. You might find a friend or two that share the same passion.

TBH 6 sounds like a successful turnout :joy:. I found this on Meetup. I wonder if the organisers are around still? It’s very old as it still has the grin-tech link. Otherwise something similar could be made perhaps.

Yeah I had a great time at a Bitcoin meet up in London years ago, there must have been a whole ten of us! If only I’d had the faith that some of those guys did then.

Anyway not there myself now but if we ever can ever get a few of us in San Jose, California it would be cool.

I’ve never really thought to attend events or conferences but I’m starting to appreciate a little more the human aspect of social interactions after things got shut down and people tapped into digital communications more. I’m valuing the finer detail of just chatting in person or calling people; there is just a stronger connection. I’d love to hit anything up if I see an event near me . I’m even thinking considering how easy it is to organize, and seeing how it doesn’t have to be anything grand to just organize it myself. I’d probably host a sort of privacy tech meetup 'hosted by Grin" and pool from a larger pool of interested parties to talk privacy in a digital age. Pair that with a nice pub and it sounds like a fine way to spend an evening- say once a month or every other. I know the Berlin meetup group is running- if there is one in London, then Paris, and on- then there could even be a nice pool of people to attend an annual conference type event

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That is going to be one hell of a party over there.

Would prefer Birmingham or somewhere more central. Not too keen on London.

If you organise something though would be interested and might be able to combine it with another privacy focussed protocol I’m involved with.


Personally, I don’t mind at all meeting and talking, but only after the pandemic … for now, I prefer to just cut down on contacts with other people