GRIN ツ Sun in Warsaw Gathering

A GRIN Gathering took place on July 23-2022 at Warsaw Poland, participants were @renzokuken , @davidtavarez and @nagini. Thank you for this effort guys. ツ

Personally, I think those meetings are extremely important for a decentralized project, aiming to be a global cryptocurrency. Even Bitcoin, without community becomes vulnerable and useless. A tool without people is nothing.
So we better encourage and make it real those kind of meetups. Numbers dont matter 3 or 5 person, how many people involved, it will grow organically.

When you read the GRIN Warsaw summaries below, it gives some perspective.

Marek summary.

We believe such meetings have positive impact on community building and we agreed they should occurr on regular basis.

DavidT summary.

The truth is that very few things happen by pure chance, and building a strong Community is not one of them. Building a strong Community requires time and effort. An online community is no different than a “real life” community away from your phone or computer. It’s a shared space where a group of people come together to share common interests, learn from one another, and find a sense of belonging.

My tought; GRIN will be powered with more participants and will be as strong as its community.


Thank you for putting this here! I am really glad we could meet and discuss ツ future and project ideas. I would be interested in participating more of such meetings (both in person and online).