Gringenious local meetup Bitcoin Wednesday Amsterdam 1st of June :Beers:!

Dear all,

I thought the easiest way to start having local Grin meetups is to start close to my heart, by joining the well known monthly Bitcoin Wednesday crypto meetup in Amsterdam. The longest running Bitcoin meetup in the Netherlands.
The visitors of Bitcoin Wednesday are a diverse crowd with a lot of Bitcoin maximalists and many with a friendly heart to Grin. For example, did you know that in the back in 2019 you could pay your ticket to Bitcoin Wednesday in Grin and that Ivan Sorokin presented IronBelly at Bitcoin Wednesday?

Lately the meetings are informal near the ‘Vondel fontein’ in Amsterdam starting 19:00.
No ticket is required although reservation is expected (can also be done anonymously). More information can be found here:

Beers are freely available although a small donation in ツ or Bitcoin to cover the costs are more than appreciated. The organizers confirmed they accept ツ payments for this meetup, so you can enjoy both paying in ツ and drinking a beer :beers: :smiley:.

Let me and other know here if you might join (or DM me if you would like to keep it private).
If you are interested in having more joined meetups on the monthly Bitcoin Wednesday in Amsterdam, for example, next meeting 6th of July, let me know so I can arrange it.


The GrIngenious Meetup Team



Updated the post above. It is confirmed you can pay your beer in ツ.
Cheers :beers:


This really seems pretty BIG to me for show off the GRIN developments and situation , among Bitcoin people, a Bitcoin meetup. I am sure lots of questions will be asked about GRIN MimbleWimble. :wink:
Really a great thing even you can pay with ツ :beers:

Thank you for organizing this :clap:

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I had a nice time chatting with some 20 other crypto enthusiast at Bitcoin Wednesday Amsterdam and enjoyed paying for my beers in Grin :beer:.
The organizers confirmed they would be more than willing to help organize the next GrinCon in Amsterdam if there would interest and speakers for this.

I also had a nice chat with one of the new GUI developers of Bitcoin Core. According to her, they use QML to build the new GUI interface. Maybe also an interesting option for if we want to build GUI around the Rust node and wallet. Apparently it is possible to make Rust bindings using QML although I would not know how well this is developed:

Maybe they were incognito :dotted_line_face:, but I did not identify any other Grinners besides myself at the meeting :confused:. Chatting about Grin with people who do no know it is ok, but it would be nice to also chat with others who actually know about Grin and are as exited about it as I am.
Hope to see you there next time.


Given that there are not many grin enthusiasts on earth you’ll have to onboard btc maxis :stuck_out_tongue:

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did you use grin ++ ? did they also have an app installed ?

Both me and the organizer used IronBelly. My phone is old and crappy and I have a low data bundle, so Grin++ is kind of killing it.

I did my best to onboard a few maximalist. Actually quite a few were interested. Further I noticed that about 1/3 of the people I talked to knew the name mimblewimble, but they did not know Grin yet as name.
I also talked to an investors, he was ready to buy Grin on the spot. Then I told him he might have to wait 10 years if he wanted to earn money with it, he backed of a bit then :stuck_out_tongue:

In the past there was a Dutch Grin Telegram group with a couple of tens of members. So there are Dutch Grinners, I think just many of them are not actively following the project and the forum. Maybe time someone restarts that local Telegram group.

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An alternative way to frame this:

He may be missing the unique chance to buy Grin close to all time low at a price much lower than what almost everyone else has paid. Would patient smart money buy a position at all time high or rather at all time low? It could literally pump every second now. No guarantees tho, bro. DYOR, I have an appointment now, see ya…

I roughly said something in that trend, I told him this would probably be the bottom, but that it might be wise to keep 50% of what he would be willing to invest, in case there would be a lower bottom found. It was mostly the part about 10 years that took his attention. He had to laugh because of my honesty, since most people when Shilling their coin make unrealistic promises on the very short term of gigantic gains.
In my case I was rather scientific about it, telling that it was obvious Grin would not shoot to the moon immediately due to its linear supply.

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Jokes aside… I’m happy you took the initiative! kudos for that!