Grin London Meetup, May 22nd


We’ve just announced a Grin meetup in London on May 22nd:

Feel free to RSVP / join the meetup group if you’re local and interested to discuss Grin in person!

Agenda and format will be tailored according to interest.

See you there hopefully! :v:

Happy to announce that @yeastplume will be joining us in London! Agenda updated at:

Thanks to all who have shown interest so far, looking forward to seeing some fellow grinners in person.


Will the event be filmed? I would certainly be interested in viewing whatever might be recorded at this momentous gathering.

Good thinking. Hopefully it will end up being interesting enough for it to be worth while watching later. Let me look into logistics and how we could do it. Worst case we could always do a summary style “notes/report from meetup” article. Or just do both. :slight_smile:

I’d rather it weren’t filmed… it won’t be a big massive presentation and I’d rather everyone relaxed without worrying about a camera… If someone wants to do a summary or notes I think that would be fine.

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How did this meet up go?

Update in the works, just been bogged with other stuff!

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