Grin Berlin Meetup, Jun 19

The first get together to discuss MimbleWimble & Grin in Berlin.
No fixed agenda, we welcome project contributors, experienced users and of course newcomers.

Let’s meet at Room 77 - self-proclaimed as the first bar in the world to accept Bitcoin (

Jun 19, 18:30.

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It was unexpectedly great, thanks to to the participants! The biggest surprise was to see @lehnberg who drove his car through many countries to attend this meetup! There were Grin enthusiasts with very different background and interests, cryptocurrency newcomers, people from Monero community, Web3 Foundation / Polkadot, Electrum wallet (including the founder Thomas, I asked him about Grin support and got a polite no:) ), CCC speakers and a person I saw in Deep Web documentary.

We found that despite the existence of a strong Rust community in Berlin there are still few code contributors. There is a huge interest in development of services on top (and for) Grin. There are usual concerns regarding usability and supply. Testnet3, mining, ASIC resistance (the consensus was it’s a reality we need to accept). Also a lot of general discussions about proof of stake, proof of storage, governance, mixnet, Rust learning curve and even LISP history.

I’m attaching photos of some participants (who granted permission to be on the photos)


yeah, was pretty cool, the perfect spirit

it’s great to see another capable, innovative, real crypto currency project, that has a background and applies a philosophy and beliefs predicated in Crypto-Anarchy and the Cypherpunk movement

with Monero and Grin as currencies and maybe in 3 or 5 years Bitcoin as stable reserve currency we CAN build a(n alternative) crypto economy WE always dreamed of