Hello From a Bitcoiner

I first heard of MimbleWimble back in 2016 when the whitepaper was published by Tom Elvis Jedusor. I read about as much as I could find at the time and the technology interested me greatly.
MimbleWimble has come up a few times in my conversations, mostly over altcoin trading and what we were looking forward to, and exchange listing choices.

Recently I found This Post on Bitcointalk announcing your planned mainnet release around the 15th.
Now I need to catch up on what I need to know as a crypto user about Grin because I am very interested in this project and want in. I have looked all around Bitcointalk but your presence seems very thin.
I really appreciate that you guys aren’t resorting to the usual practices of all the scam coins and tokens these days but your awareness level seems very low.

If their is anything I can do for you over at Bitcointalk let me know.
I could do some things such as personally advertise for your awareness or funding, coordinate advertisement, help make and maintain your presence, consult on etiquite and practices, etc…
For example, whoever “knowmaster” is, in the official? ANN that was posted, has quite a few questions from the community that remain unanswered.
I would love to be able to earn some Grin somehow and would be grateful to work with you if I could be of any help.
I have looked into mining when it is released but it doesn’t look feasible for me.

I have also put a bug in the ear of an exchange that I somewhat collaborate with about your upcoming release hoping to get them to list it ASAP.
Let me know if their is any specific information I should forward them.

This forum is very interesting.
I hope this thread posts because I’m not sure about the “temporarily limit what new users can do”. (deleting links)
I had a look at your badges page and might work on them if I find reason to stick around here other than just lurking and reading. I’ve read a bunch of threads here and will read more but I’m not sure I can offer much value to this community in my posts because it is mostly technical development and I am just a simple crypto user, not a developer/coder unfortunately.
I also had a nice conversation with your discobot and like this forum’s features very much from what I have seen so far.

That’s all for now :slight_smile:


Hello from another Bitcoiner.

For the time being, Grin has succeeded in attracting my attention – but I am still a skeptic. Its promise of scalability AND privacy looks too good to be true. And I try to wrap my head around it.

Grin also has this vibe, which must how has it been during the early days of Bitcoin: newly launched, revolutionary, etc. etc. So, it seems like I am just trying to catch the train with this one.

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Hello, yes another bitcoiner here. I have been a bitcoin fanatic for years, and grin is the only other project that has gotten me as excited about something as bitcoin, since bitcoin. I honestly think the infinite cap is a brilliant touch, and I never thought I would ever say something like that. Overall I think grin offers a great collection of features, and I’m excited to see what sort of UX developments come along. One other thing, everyone I talk to about grin gets excited about grin, this was not the case with bitcoin early on when I started in 2013-2014.

On a side note, the dev team has a great sense of humor. Anyway, not sure how successful it will be but I’ve got some grin, I bought some swag, and donated to development, so here we go!

Good luck.


I also use only Bitcoin, but recently I’ve become interested in Grin. What can you say, guys? Since the time passed, are you still excited of Grin?

Look at github activities, we’re growing up excitingly as the beginning :smiley: