GRIN Apparel at Crypto Drip

Hey everyone, I’m the admin of announcing the GRIN collection on our online shop. I’m also doing flat-rate donations to the GRIN general fund for each GRIN item purchased at the end of each month, starting 3/2021: click here to view our grin donation transparency page

(I’ll post personal pictures of the shirt & sweatshirt when I am able to around the 15th.)

We currently have a handful of GRIN merch with more coming out soon, some in a limited run.

If you’re looking for even more GRIN merch go check out this post: GRIN Apparel at Crypto Drip - #5 by david

This post wouldn’t be complete without a discount (applied at checkout) for forum members: $5 off coupon code: GRINNING (expires in May '21)


Nice, I dig the grin cap. For the future, you can add paying with Grin once someone polished up the old web plugin.


Can confirm, would buy hat with grin

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I used it before and I’d love to use it again, I feel bad because I wasn’t able to confirm with hashmap that it was working when he helped me get it set up.

Tmgox stopped working long ago, unfortunately. The only other stores I’m aware of are:

产品 – GrinFans - Benefits Niffler, I believe - Benefits Grin++

If I missed any, let me know and I will update this post.

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That is very unfortunate :worried:. I was planning to use my winnings if I would win some at the meme challenge to buy some goodies at Tmgox. Also I still want to order a Grinoir once I can afford it.
I hope this will stay accessible to those who want it. I have the digital version but I prefer a paper version for various reasons.

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@dog Some more suggestions for Grin goodies:

  1. a Grin hoodie with zipper
  2. A Grin necktie, e.g. with many small Grin logo’s, falling or so.
  3. A Grin photo watch, so basically make a bunch of cheap photo watches using the Grin logo as background photo.