Grin Web Wallet

Grin Web Wallet team is interested in selling the project.

Due to the fact that the project was left by one of the team members as well as due to lack of funds for active development of the project, Grin Web Wallet team is interested in selling the project. Also, the reason for this decision was the lack of proper experience in marketing.
Grin Web Wallet team in any case will continue to support the project and develop the project by virtue of its possibilities until the moment of sale.
The project is sold with source code, domain and all available resources. At the request of the buyer, we can change the transaction fee.
Please bid in Grin or another cryptocurrencies.
We are ready to consider any suggestions.
In case of interest, please send suggestions to
Grin Web Wallet website


I think you should keep the project if it does not take so much your time or money.
In my opinion, GRIN is built by community so the marketing part is not good, like Bitcoin in the beginning. One day, when GRIN is popular you will gain much benefit.
And I guess the bull run nearly begins, try some more months for better price…

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In case you don’t know about it:

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@timolson Thank you!

Attention! 2019 June,3 is temporarily unavailable. Access will be restored soon. is available for use.

2019 June,6 Access restored completely.

Attention! 2019 June,14 is temporarily unavailable. Access will be restored soon. is available for use.

I tried to donate for your project, because I really like it. But it didn’t work. Is it just me?
Your donation address:

I’m using the web wallet itself to donate - but I get an error:
Bad Request: {“type”:“RFC 7231 - Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP/1.1): Semantics and Content”, “title”:“Bad Request”, “status”:400, “traceId”:“0HLMSUV12D437:00000001”}

(Text may contain errors, I had to re-type it from a screenshot, because the dialog box in the browser was fading too fast to copy)

I tried to donate 1.5 GRIN as a test. If you keep the project alive, I will continue to donate :slight_smile:

I sent a 0.1 GRIN donation using the official grin-wallet. Can you confirm? Seemed to work.
I can technically re-route it, no problem, but maybe you want to have a look at it first.

Maybe it is a port issue and your server cannot send and receive at the same time?

Update 2:
Out of curiosity: The webwallet seems to accept any deposits, no matter if an address is valid or not. Is that true?


The server is available for all operations simultaneously. Most likely at that time your balance has not yet been confirmed.

Yes this is possible. But no one can get access to these funds. Including the developers.
This will be fixed in one of the next updates.

@ghatazu thanks for the support and donate!
This is the first and only donation.
We got 0.1 Grin :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah ok, just wanted to make sure it arrives. I donated the 1.5 GRIN now. :smiley:

But you should maybe implement the address check. If someone makes a copy-paste mistake, like a off-by-one, coins will be in the nirvana :frowning:

Come one, people, donate! The wallet is great.

Thank you for donate and feedback!

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